Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019


Press Release - September 4th 2002

In today's wide ranging debate on possible action against Iraq in European Parliament the Conservative Foreign Affairs spokesman, Dr.Charles Tannock MEP, said:

"Saddam Hussein still possesses huge quantities of biological and chemical weapons and three years ago attempted to buy weapons grade uranium from Serbia. He has been negotiating with North Korea to acquire ballistic missile technology. Therefore he poses a global threat to oil supplies and were he to become a nuclear power could hold the world to ransom.

Lets also be morally consistent, nobody asked for UN resolutions to attack Milosevic's Serbia and human rights violations were deemed sufficient. Surely Saddam Hussain's violations of the Kurds whom he has gassed, the Marsh Arabs and Shias whom he has tortured and the Israelis where he has paid the families of suicide bombers to kill innocent victims is worse than Milosevic's crimes.

In the West we should support our American allies in their quest to finish the business in ridding the World of this evil man."

The Conservative Spokesman for Defence, Geoffrey van Orden MEP, also said:

"The US is shouldering responsibilities that have been ignored by other countries.

What a pity that other allies have not contributed along with the US and UK to the ongoing military build up over Iraq.

It would be fatal if Saddam Hussein misread the intentions of the West. We must send a clear signal that we stand together on this."

No Labour MEPs spoke in this debate.
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