Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

Government's breach of EU law should trigger full investigation

Press Release - July 12th 2002

Conservative MEPs have accused the British Government of a serious breach of EU law and have demanded a full EU investigation into the growing fiasco over plans for the London Underground.

A serious breach of procurement laws and obligations to get value for money in public tenders have been identified in a Deloitte report and submitted by Transport For London (TFL). TFL allegations that bidding companies have financially benefited from a failure to follow procurement laws represent a serious breach of the Utilities directive and state aid rules.

Conservative MEPs for London, Theresa Villiers and Charles Tannock have written to Commissioners over the Government's Public Private Partnership (PPP) project.

The London MEPs claim that a breach of these state aid rules warrants a full and immediate investigation by the European Commission.

Dr Charles Tannock MEP said,

"These revelations raise a serious number of concerns over the government's ability to handle Londoners needs for a working underground. Our long suffering commuters deserve more from it's government than the whittling away of billions of pounds of wasted money".

Theresa Villiers MEP said,

"No one likes PPP. The government has ignored all protests by Londoners about our deteriorating tube. Maybe this complaint by TFL will force the government to think again."
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