Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Press Coverage - 2002

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Speech by Iain Duncan Smith to Conservative Friends of Israel.
December 9th 2002

Polemic about inspections of how EU aid is used.
Agence Europe - November 29th 2002

Euro-MPs urge inquiry into EU aid to Palestinians.
Reuters News Service - November 26th 2002

Inquiry urged to probe 'link' between terror and cash
Jewish Chronicle - November 8th 2002

E.U. feels India needs to do more to attract investments
Hindu Times - October 13th 2002

MEP Tannock Calls For EU Candidate Member Status for Ukraine
Ukrainian News - September 3rd 2002

MEP Says EU, NATO, and US Should Stop Meddling in Slovak Election
Slovak News Agency TASR - 31st July 2002

Iain Duncan Smith visits Lisbon
Anglo-Portugese News - 30th May 2002

UK government will bully Gibraltar
Rapporteur - 10th April 2002

Harmonizing Away the Euro
The Wall Street Journal - 5th February 2002

Duke of Savoy one step closer to returning to Italy
Peterborough - Daily Telegraph - 3rd January 2002

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