Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Articles & Published Letters - 2003

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Labour's 'red lines' and the EU Constitution - The Daily Telegraph, November 27th 2003
Much is being made by the Government of its "red lines" at the Rome inter-governmental conference, which is debating the draft proposed Constitutional Treaty. They claim they will never give up the veto on key areas of national sovereignty - namely taxation, social security, defence and foreign affairs.

A card-carrying welcome to EU - The Sunday Times, October 19th 2003
Compulsory identity cards should have happened long ago (News, last week) to strengthen our fight against crime, social security fraud, electoral fraud and illegal immigration -Britain's popularity as a destination partly reflects weak internal controls.

Russia's new oligarchs - Financial Times, August 28th 2003
Andrew Jack's otherwise excellent article "In the reign of the new tsars" (August 25) failed to explain fully the increasing popular resentment of the power and wealth of the oligarchs.

Belarus - The European Journal, July 2003
Belarus is a landlocked country which little is known about in the west. Historically it was perceived as indivisible from Russia and Poland. It has been ravaged by the invading armies of Napoleon and Hitler. Politically now it is important again, as it will become in 2004 a neighbouring country of the EU, sharing over 1000kms of borders with the new members Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

When war is valid - London Evening Standard, April 19th 2003
I DISAGREE with Christopher Sterling, who justifies the Kosovo war on humanitarian grounds, but not the toppling of the Ba'ath regime.

Conflict over legality of launching an attack against Iraq - The Times, March 19th 2003
I believe legal authority exists for an attack on Iraq without further explicit authority. Security Council Resolution 1441 refers to earlier binding Chapter VII resolutions, including 678 (1990).

Let's Probe Aid to the Palestinians - The Wall Street Journal, February 4th 2003
The European Union has been paying about 10% of the Palestinian Authority's budget for almost two years. That's around 10 million euros a month. The money is supposed to pay the salaries of public-sector employees and sustain the administration in the Palestinian Territories. But there have been repeated allegations that some of this money has found its way into the hands of corrupt officials or, worse, has been used to fund terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.

Misuse of EU Funds - The Daily Telegraph, January 28th 2003
In her letter about EU money being used to fund terrorism, the European Commission spokesman (Jan. 22) suggests that there is nothing to be concerned about the EU payments to the Palestinian Authority, since Israel is also making them.

Diwali celebrations disrupted by Brent Council - London Evening Standard, January 7th 2003
As we return to work after the end of the festive season, Londoners should spare a thought for the capital's Hindu community. The major Hindu festival, Diwali, will be disrupted this year because of the actions of Brent Council.

In Defence of 'Sniping' - European Voice, January 6th 2003
The article by David Cronin, 'Patten takes on "sniping" Tories over Middle East' (European Voice, 28 November - 4 December), is somewhat misleading.

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