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Press Coverage - 2003

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Antonione admits opinions differ on lifting China arms embargo
Agence Europe - 18 December 2003
Speaking to the European Parliament on Wednesday, the Council's President-in-Office, Roberto Antonione, said China seizes every opportunity to inform his EU interlocutors that the arms embargo upon it since the 1989 Tien an Men square repression is increasingly "anachronistic". Recently China made lifting the embargo one of the "short and medium term" priorities in its relations with the EU, the Italian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs said.

Ignorance is risk
The Guardian - 12 December 2003
British voters know the least about the European parliament so will they turn out and vote for representatives they have never heard of? Ros Taylor finds out

The Day in Politics
Agence Europe - 3 December 2003
The Italian Presidency reserves itself the right to present, at the Intergovernmental Conference on 8 December in Brussels just a few days before the European Council, "new reflection" on the elements of the future constitutional Treaty on which there is still no convergence at the IGC conclave in Naples, it was announced on Wednesday at the European Parliament in Brussels by EU Council President Roberto Antonione.

Ferry fare policy not breaking law, says Monti
European Voice - 13 November 2003
Cross-Channel ferry and rail operators who charge markedly different prices for day-trips and standard return fares are not necessarily breaking any EU laws, according to Competition Commissioner Mario Monti.

India shunning small European donor countries.
The Hindu - 16 July 2003
The story doing the rounds among India-oriented, European Union Parliamentarians and officials is that India has suddenly opted to shun financial and technical aid from all but six nations in a quest to shake off its image as a country in need of handouts.

India has friends in European Parliament
The Hindustan Times - 29 May 2003
A number of members of the European Parliament (MEP) cutting across party lines grouped together on Tuesday to form the European Parliament Friends of India (EPFI) group in Brussels.

EU Parliamentarians Form India Caucus
Financial Express (India) - 29 May 2003
India has achieved parity with Pakistan in the European Parliament, whose 626 members represent the democratic element in the 15-nation European Union (EU). A Friends of India group was inaugurated here on Wednesday, at a reception attended by some 60 MEPs, 100 or so of their assistants and parliamentary staff, and Indian ambassador to the EU PK Singh, and his colleagues.

EU launches Friends of India group
Indian Express - 29 May 2003
In an effort to promote ties between India and the European Union Parliament, a European Parliament Friends of India group has been formed. The group is a cross-party initiative supported by Members of European Parliament (MEPs) from all EU member states.

The world's sick are flocking to the NHS - and we're paying
The Daily Telegraph - 23 May 2003
More foreigners than ever are exploiting the health service - but staff rarely dare to complain. I spent two months in London hospitals and clinics, talking to nurses, doctors, porters, managers, asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. To encourage them to speak freely, I agreed not to reveal their names or where they worked.

MEP Welcomes change in funding to Palestinian Authority
London Jewish News - 7 May 2003
The European Commissionís decision to scrap its monthly aid package to the Palestinians in favour of targeted assistance, was this week hailed by a leading London MEP.

EU to give 'targeted' aid to Palestinian Authority
Financial Times - 1 May 2003
The European Union is to introduce a system of "targeted" aid for the Palestinian Authority and end a programme that some claimed had seen money diverted to terrorist activities.

EU officials concerned about lack of debate on EU in Slovakia
CTK Daily News - 28 April 2003
European Parliament rapporteur for Slovakia Jan Marinus Wiersma today praised Slovakia for its progress in the preparation for EU membership at a two-day meeting of the Slovakia-EU parliamentary committee which began in Bratislava today.

Prodi criticises Bush for war-chest request
European Voice - 28 March 2003
Romano Prodi has issued a thinly-veiled attack on the Bush administration's request for massive funding to bankroll the war against Iraq.

Debate on Benes decrees still agile among right wing MEPs
CTK Daily News - 12 March 2003
The debate on Czechoslovakia's post-war Benes decrees continues to stir atmosphere in the European People's Party (EPP) group in the EP and excite mainly its German and Austrian members, as was also proved by a public discussion in the EP today.

Controversy in EU over probe of funding to PA
Haaretz (English edition) - 13 February 2003
The announcement by the European Commission's anti-fraud office (OLAF) last week, regarding its intention to investigate claims of irregular use of aid funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority by the European Union, including claims that monies transferred from Europe were used to finance terror activities, received mixed responses from the EU's various institutions.

Labour abstain on bid to probe aid to Arafat
Jewish Chronicle - 7 February 2003
British Labour MEPs came under criticism this week from Tories - and Jewish community leaders - for withholding support for a demand that the EU investigate whether its aid money is being used by the Palestinian Authority to finance terror.

EU to probe claims of Palestinian funds misuse
Financial Times - 7 February 2003
The European Union's fraud watchdog has decided to investigate EU payments to the Palestinian Authority, following allegations that these funds are being channelled into supporting terrorist activities.

EU Inquiry Boost
totallyjewish.co.uk - 6 February 2003
Hopes for a formal inquiry into the Palestinian Authorityís alleged misuse of EU funding were boosted this week with news that more than a quarter of MEPs have now backed the proposal.

Investigating Arafat
Wall Street Journal - 6 February 2003
EU Commissioner for external affairs Chris Patten yesterday said he "welcomed" the decision by the Commission's independent anti-fraud office (OLAF) to investigate the aid to the Palestinian Authority that his office oversees. But this was making virtue out of necessity. The decision to probe into the murky PA finances was forced on him.

North Korea - Call for moratorium on ballistic missile trials
Agence Europe - 30 January 2003
On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution by six political groups (EPP/ED, PES, ELDR, Greens/EFA, GUE/NGL and UEN) condemning North Korea's decision to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and calling on Pyongyang to go back on its decision, although it does recognise that there are humanitarian difficulties and energy supply problems in the country.

Growing pressure over EU aid to Palestinians
The Business - 19/20 January 2003
THE European Union is coming under growing pressure to investigate whether the Palestinians have misused EU funds to finance terrorism. British MEP Charles Tannock started a petition last October to find out how €540m ($567m, £356m) of aid given to the Palestinians since 2000 had been spent.

British Conservative leader blasts PA parley as 'pointless'
The Jerusalem Post - 19 January 2003
Opposition Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith has criticized the British government for "fiddling with pointless conferences while suicide bombers are malignantly burning their way through Israel."

Peace conference 'waste of money'
The Times - 18 January 2003
Iain Duncan Smith dismissed yesterday the Government's Middle East peace conference as "pointless" and called for an inquiry into claims that taxpayers' money was funding Palestinian terrorism.

Tory leader rubbishes peace conference
The Guardian - 18 January 2003
The Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith, today called the government's Middle East conference "pointless" and suggested that British taxpayers' money was helping fund Palestinian suicide bombers.

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