Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Articles & Published Letters - 2004

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Electoral observers helped inspire Ukrainians to take to the streets - The Daily Telegraph, December 14th 2004
Last year Viktor Yushchenko came to my office in Brussels as an impressive charismatic leader in his prime and I have met him again in Kiev recently, with his shockingly disfigured face (report, Dec 13).

Don't feed the dragon of arms trade - Taipei Times (Taiwan), December 9th 2004
The EU, after a three-year spat with US President George W. Bush, the EU is keen to be regarded as a world player to be reckoned with. Many EU leaders see newfound respect coming in the form of a "strategic partnership" with China that's designed to balance the US' power

Ukraine election is a 'post-Cold War turning point' - The Times, December 1st 2004
The Ukrainian presidential election, which I was privileged to observe, was undoubtedly marred by serious government-controlled media bias during the campaign, as well as Viktor Yanukovych using the resources of the state to conduct his campaign. More serious, however, is the reported electoral fraud on the day of election, particularly in the east.

EU must accept Ukraine - Financial Times, November 16th 2004
Anders Aslund ("Ukraine's voters don't need Moscow's advice", November 12) is essentially correct in his analysis of the current political situation in Ukraine. However, he misses one essential point which is totally ignored by the other European Union institutions.

Legislation by Fax - The Daily Telegraph, October 9th 2004
The robust Conservative policies on relations with the EU are not aiming at European Economic Area (EEA) or European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) status, as enjoyed by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland (letter, Oct 7). This is precisely because they suffer from "legislation by fax" imposed on them, over which they have had no say.

Ukraine’s Borgia campaign - Daily Times (Pakistan) , October 9th 2004
President Bush cannot promote democracy in Iraq by cynically sacrificing it in Ukraine. It must be made clear that regardless of Ukraine’s geopolitical importance, the West will not shy away from confronting it when democracy and fundamental human rights are threatened.

We must learn from Beslan - London Evening Standard, September 7th 2004
If Dr John Russell (3 September) thinks Chechen Terrorists downing civilian airliners and placing car bombs in central Moscow represents the Chechen people's "fighting spirit" he insults the innocent victims and apologises for the terrorists' barbaric culture.

Reflections on the EU and the June 10th Election - The European Journal, April 2004
May 1st this year will finally signify the end of the cold war and seal the reuniting of a Continent which we failed to protect being dived-up as a result of Communist tyranny.

ID cards will allow police to arrest people for trivial offences - Daily Telegraph, April 12th 2004
Marc Glendening asserts (letter, Apr 6) that there is an EU scheme to harmonise ID cards throughout the European Union. I regret that this is not the case. The European Commission is confining itself to establishing uniform biometric identifiers to be held by member states for EU passports and for visas and residence permits granted to those from outside the EU.

EU law on chemicals would harm industry - Wandsworth Guardian, March 5th 2004
Conservative MEPs for London are leading the campaign against a damaging proposal for a new EU law on chemicals which is excessive, expensive and unnecessary.

Europe comes first for Commissioners - Slovak Spectator, February 23rd 2004
As a frequent visitor to Slovakia and as a former active member of the about-to-be-dissolved Joint Parliamentary Committee EU-Slovakia, I have always appreciated the high-quality political coverage of your journal. Therefore it was a disappointment to see you fall into the common trap of twice describing in the February 16th issue Jan Figeľ as "Slovakia's Representative to the European Commission".

Pay must reflect MEP location - European Voice, February 19th 2004
As a member of the about-to-be dissolved Slovak Joint Parliamentary Committee I have some sympathy with the low levels of salaries paid to public officials in Slovakia, as detailed by Lászlo Juhász ("Second-rate Slovaks", Letters EV, 5-11 February).

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