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Press Coverage - 2004

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Observers primed for fresh Presidential run off in Ukraine
European Report - 22 December 2004
A ten-strong delegation of MEPs led by Polish European Parliament Vice-President Jacek Emil Saryusz-Wolski (EPP-ED) is travelling to Ukraine on December 24-26 to help monitor the re-run of the second round of the Presidential elections there.

Deputado portuguęs acompanha última volta das eleiçőes na Ucrânia
JornalGlobal.com.br (Brazil) - 18 December 2004
Estrasburgo - O deputado portuguęs José Ribeiro e Castro desloca-se a Kiev, entre os próximos dias 26 de 28 de Dezembro, para acompanhar as eleiçőes presidenciais na Ucrânia, que opőem os candidatos Viktor Yushchenko (oposiçăo) e Viktor Yanukovitch (Governo).

The key to global power
The Daily Telegraph - 17 December 2004
Advocates of the European Union as a fully fledged superpower predicted yesterday that the addition of Turkey's military might would make it a true global player.

Call for EU leaders to back scrutiny of mosques
European Voice - 9 December 2004
Increased surveillance of Muslim places of worship in Europe will be recommended to next week’s EU summit (16-17 December). In a confidential report prepared for the summit, mosques, the internet and prisons are identified as ‘hot spots’ for Islamic extremists seeking terrorist recruits.

EU se k Ukrajině chová macešsky
Lidove Noviny - 25 November 2004
Špičky Evropské unie včera zopakovaly svůj nesouhlas s průběhem prezidentských voleb na Ukrajině, dál se však nedostaly. Jak zahraničněpolitický šéf klubu Javier Solana, tak předseda komise José Barroso ve shodě s dřívějšími komentáři unie vyzvali ukrajinské úřady, aby provedly revizi výsledku voleb, žádná konkrétní akce na podporu ukrajinské demokracie ale zatím není na stole.

EP debates amendments to Romania country report
Rompres - 24 November 2004
The members of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs on Wednesday voiced support for Romania's closing EU entry talks this year according to the timescale set and the signing of the Accession Treaty as early as possible next year (most likely on May 9, 2005).

Protest gathers pace as 200,000 march on presidential palace
The Independent - 24 November 2004
Ukraine's contested election took an extraordinary turn yesterday when Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition leader, declared himself president before parliament as some 200,000 supporters marched on the presidential palace.

Brogli, e Kiev scende in piazza
Il Sole 24 Ore - 23 November 2004
Il profumo di democrazia si dissolve nell'aria glaciale di Kiev insieme con la storia bella di un popolo che invoca, difende, guadagna il suo diritto di esistere. Sembrava fatta l'altra notte per il candidato Viktor Yuschenko, l'uomo piů amato dai quaranta milioni di elettori ucraini, sembrava che i brogli non potessero arrivare a tanto, non potessero ribaltare la volontŕ popolare che gli exit poll indicavano nelle prime ore della sera.

Observers: Poll abuse in Ukraine
CNN.com - 22 November 2004
With nearly all ballots counted, Ukraine's prime minister retained his narrow lead Monday in the bitterly contested presidential election, which Western observers said was marred by irregularities and fraud, and the reformist opposition leader called for mass protests.

Premier claims he's the winner in Ukraine vote
New York Times - 23 November 2004
Ukraine approached a political stalemate on Monday, as vote counts of the presidential runoff election indicated that Prime Minister Viktor F. Yanukovich had won but international observers alleged systemic voting abuses and the opposition candidate refused to accept defeat.

Tax increases
SUR in English - 12 November 2004
I have hopeful news for owners of holiday homes in Torremolinos who were shocked to discover that their local tax (valor catastral) has been almost doubled by the Town Hall.

Barroso ustoupil, aby neprohrál
Lidove Noviny - 29 October 2004
Je to velký den pro Evropský parlament, znelo ve stredu štrasburskými kuloáry poté, co predseda nastupující komise José Barroso na poslední chvíli stáhl žádost o duveru europoslancu. Obával se totiž, že by se dockal negativního výsledku. Jeho kapitulace je hodnocena jako podcenení nálady mezi cleny unijního snemu a dukaz, že parlament prestává být "sborem mickey-mousu, jehož názor mohou všichni ignorovat", jak to okomentoval socialista Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.

NRI Minister Inaugurates GOPIO Conference
Indo Link - 17 October 2004
Jagdish Tytler, Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs of the Government of India attributed the success of the Indian Diaspora to their traditional ethos, cultural values and their capacity to harmonize and adopt.

Polish Parliamentarians lobby for Ukraine in EP
Unian (Ukraine) - 15 October 2004
The presidential elections in Ukraine are an opportunity for a change in the Ukrainian policy course and the EU cannot remain indifferent in the face of this, Polish MEPs and representatives of non-governmental organizations argued in Brussels on Tuesday, according to PAP news agency.

Don’t blur lines between asylum and fight against terrorism
European Voice - 7 October 2004
THE United Nations’ refugee agency UNHCR has warned against using an EU fingerprints database of asylum-seekers for anti-terrorism purposes. The European Commission plans to publish a paper early next year on how the Eurodac system could be used in anti-terrorist investigations.

Turkish accession "will not be automatic"
Agence Europe - 6 October 2004
Commissioner-designate for enlargement Olli Rehn kicked off his hearing on Monday at the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs by saying he came from an outlying region of the EU, Eastern Finland, but feels that he is "politically and mentally" part of the core of Europe and that it is a privilege for him to take part in this phase of European construction.

L'intervista «Imbarazzante, non č stato super partes»
Il Giornale - 1 October 2004
«Sě, non c’č alcun dubbio. Proprio Tony Blair č stato il grande sponsor per l’elezione di Prodi a presidente della Commissione. Credeva fosse l’uomo giusto al posto giusto. Pensava che il Professore avrebbe battuto la burocrazia di Bruxelles e impostato un discorso di riforme liberali che mettessero in angolo il mercato sociale imposto dal binomio franco-tedesco».

Interview with Dr Charles Tannock
Belarus Update - 13-20 September 2004
On September 16, the European Parliament adopted by a large majority a resolution strongly condemning the ongoing harassment and intimidation of opposition political leaders, the worsening conditions for civil society, the likelihood of electoral fraud during October elections, and the attempts by President Aleksandr Lukashenko to seek a third term in office by altering the Constitution.

D’Alema e Agnoletto alleati contro gli USA
Il Giornale - 16 September 2004
Certo, i toni son diversi. Ma la sostanza č la stessa. «Governi della Ue i cui rappresentanti siedono in questo Parlamento uccidono e bombardano in Irak. Per prima cosa occorre che se ne vadano le truppe che hanno illegalmente portato la guerra in quel Paese»

Eurodeputados exortam Austrália a negociaçőes justas
Agęncia Lusa - 14 September 2004
Estrasburgo, França, 14 Set (Lusa) - Eurodeputados do Parlamento Europeu apelaram hoje ao primeiro-ministro australiano e ao Senado daquele país para que respeitem a soberania de Timor-Leste nas jazidas de petróleo e de gás no mar da regiăo.

Slovakia considers pressures on corporate taxation unfair
Slovak Spectator - 13 September 2004
Slovakia's ambitious tax reforms, much welcomed by the business community, have attracted severe criticism from the French Government. In a forthright statement, France's Finance Minister, Nicholas Sarkozy, suggested that the new EU member states should receive less financial aid from Brussels if they allow their corporate taxes to fall below the EU average.

Changes to European Parliament's Ukraine committee
Interfax News Agency - 10 September 2004
Marek Siwiec, former state secretary of Poland's national security bureau, will become head of the European Parliament committee for ties with Ukraine, the Ukrainian service of Radio Deutsche Welle reported, citing informed sources.

Commission hopes to launch co-operation on company tax
Agence Europe - 2 September 2004
The European Commission hopes to get a signal from the Member States to start preparations for reinforced co-operation on company tax at the informal Ecofin Council, on 11 September in Scheveningen (The Hague), confirmed the Director General for taxation, Robert Verrue, before the European Parliament's economic and monetary committee.

Senador EEUU pide a Europa observar referendo Chávez
Noticias Latinoamericanas - 3 August 2004
El presidente de la Comisión de Relaciones Exteriores del Senado de Estados Unidos, Dick Lugar, solicitó el martes la participación de la Unión Europea entre las misiones de observación para el referendo revocatorio del mandato del presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

Agence Europe - 30 July 2004
An agreement on bringing peace to Darfur was signed by the Sudanese government in the presence of Kofi Annan on 3 July this year, with a three-month "time-life".

EU/US rapprochement in 2005 - whatever US Election outcome
Agence Europe - 30 July 2004
In 2005, a new European Commission and a new European Parliament will have to deal with a new American Administration, "irrespective of who is elected US president" and "I see the possibility" therefore of the European Union coming closer to Washington after the recent tensions, it was stated on Thursday by the European Commission's Representative in Washington, Günter Burghardt.

PM talks victory, Europe disappointed
The Slovak Spectator - 21 June 2004
Slovakia earned a distressing European record, posting the lowest turnout ever for elections to the European Parliament on June 13. Only 16.96 percent of eligible Slovak citizens cast their votes.

Pseudo-celebs pull up a seat in EU chamber
Variety (USA) - 20 June 2004
Europe's fading stars have found a new venue to keep them in the public eye -- a seat at the European Union's powerful European Parliament.

Júkipák u desátých dveří
Respekt (Czech Republic) - 14 - 20 June 2004
Cizinec, který přijel na počátku minulého týdne do britské metropole, se musel cítit jako na prázdninách. Teplota ve stínu dosahovala 28 stupňů, Londýňané polehávali v parcích a poloprázdnými silnicemi se jen čas od času prohnal taxík.

Nightflight ban fails to take off
Richmond and Twickenham Times - 7 June 2004
A BID to ban night flights at all European airports has failed in Parliament. MEPs voted against the motion in the European Parliament last week, with only ten British MEPs supporting the bid.

UK MEPs-Condemnation
United News of Bangladesh Limited - 13 May 2004
The UK conservative MEPs (members of European Parliament) Nirj Deva (Spokesman on Overseas Development), Charles Tannock (Spokesman on Foreign Affairs) and Geoffrey Van Orden (Spokesman on Defence and Human Rights) have condemned the murder of Awami League MP Ahsan Ullah Master.

EU $270m funded Palestinian intifada against Israel
The Business - 11 April 2004
This week, fresh allegations have surfaced that money intended for use by the Palestinian Authority for legitimate purposes has been siphoned off by corrupt officials, ostensibly to pay the wages of 7,000 non-existent staff.

EU millions: Was aid handed to terror gangs?
The Scotsman - 9 April 2003
It began with a suspicion in the mind of two MEPs, Ilka Schröder and François Zimeray, that European Union funding for the Palestinian Authority was being diverted into the pockets of terrorists.

EU terror-funding report attacked
The Jerusalem Post - 4 April 2004
The European Union's failure to find evidence linking its funds with terrorist activity supported by the Palestinian Authority has angered at least one member of the investigatory committee, who on Friday called a newly released report on the matter "a partial whitewash."

EU's growing influence in foreign policy, but...
Agence Europe - 3 April 2004
The fact of existence. To those who keep saying that Europe does not exist in foreign policy, I would like to point out just how politically effective the EU is by the very fact that it exists. Its existence directly influences the behaviour of many third countries, in Europe and elsewhere, and in the right direction, by determining the actions of countries and populations. How many years did the countries of central and eastern Europe come on in their evolution, with the aim of being ready to join the EU?

Misappropriation of EU funds by Palestinian Authority is not proven
Agence Europe - 2 April 2004
After one year of research, the EP working group on direct budgetary assistance to the Palestinian Authority has not been able to prove whether or not European funds granted to the Palestinian Authority have been used to finance terrorist activities. Allegations of misappropriation of such funds by the Palestinian Authority have still not been proven.

Geoff Hoon pleads for increase in EU's military capability
Agence Europe - 31 March 2004
In Strasbourg on Tuesday, the British Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, reaffirmed his country's support for the development of European defence in close co-operation with NATO, speaking to the European Parliament's committee on foreign affairs and security.

Europe's final assessment of Slovakia
Slovak Spectator - 22 March 2004
Despite some objections to Slovakia's progress in the EU accession process and concerns over the situation of the Roma here, the central European country is among the best prepared new members, according to insiders. The European Parliament (EP) adapted on March 11 the last in a series of monitoring reports on the EU candidate states. Slovakia is set to join the union in May 2004 along with the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Coalition tries EP election amendment again
Slovak Spectator - 15 March 2004
After the recent failure of the Slovak parliament to approve a constitutional amendment that would regulate the first elections to the European Parliament (EP), Justice Minister Daniel Lipšic is preparing two new legislative proposals to secure the legality of the June 13 vote.

Interview with Charles Tannock MEP
Our Ukraine - 12 March 2004
Charles Tannock, member of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, member of the EPP/ED Group – the largest faction in the European Parliament – is one of the leading lobbyists of Ukrainian interests at the European Parliament. He commented on the resolution on Ukraine, which was discussed and adopted in Brussels yesterday.

Ukraine: European Parliament Says Media Freedom Under Attack
www.truthnews.net - 12 March 2004
Contradictions were apparent in yesterday's European Parliament debate. One the one hand, speakers said Ukraine deserved a future with Europe. They expressed regret about the opportunities lost during the long decades of Soviet rule, and appeared eager to offer Kyiv closer ties with Brussels.

EU blasts America for camp
Daily Mirror - 11 March 2004
Euro MPs yesterday demanded America end the legal limbo of the 600 detainees still held at Guantanamo Bay. The European Parliament backed a resolution calling for them to be released or given a fair trial.

Guantanamo Bay - Tories question EU resolution.
Birmingham Post - 11 March 2004
Conservative Euro-MPs last night called for more condemnation of al Qaida and less of the United States after a European Parliament resolution criticised the treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Fall of President Aristide
European Parliament Press release - 8 March 2003
Charles Tannock spoke of the fall from power of Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti. He remarked that he was the sixth democratically elected leader from Central and South America to be ousted in recent years.

Victims put terrorism on trial
The Jerusalem Post - 25 February 2004
Eliad Moreh's life changed forever one July afternoon in 2002. As she sat listening to her friend David Ladowski, 29, telling her a story, a bomb exploded in the Frank Sinatra Cafeteria at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Mount Scopus campus.

E all'Aja i due schieramenti non si parlano nemmeno
Corriere della Sera - 25 February 2004
Non c'č contraddittorio alla Corte internazionale di giustizia, che oggi ascolterŕ le ultime arringhe contro la legittimitŕ del «muro» israeliano.

Highlighting Afghan problems ahead of Berlin conference
EU Reporter - 16 February 2004
MEPs have suggested that the best way to solve the dangers posed by Afghanistan is to buy up the entire opium production from its farmers and destroy it.

MEPs criticise Kazakhstan amid fears of media crackdown
Agence France Presse - 6 February 2004
European parliament deputies in a letter released on Friday protested Kazakhstan's plans for a new media law that threatens to further reduce independent reporting in the former Soviet republic.

Euroscepticism set to rise in Parliament
European Voice - 5 February 2004
Eurosceptic parties could achieve a major breakthrough in the first legislature of the enlarged European Union. With a new anti-EU party in Sweden set to contest the European elections in June, and a rising number of `EU-critical' parties in the ten future member states, some in the assembly are bracing themselves for "an injection of Euroscepticism", as one high-ranking official put it.

Libya ready for 'solid relations' with EU
European Voice - 29 January 2004
Libya wishes to become a fully fledged partner of the EU, one of the country's most senior politicians declared this week.

Romania: Timeframe for Concluding Accession Talks Outlined
European Report - 28 January 2004
The European Commission will put forward the financial package for Romanian accession to the European Union on February 10. And it will present draft common EU negotiating positions (DCPs) for the eight remaining chapters of the accession talks with Romania during the Irish EU Presidency in the first half of 2004 - except for the justice and home affairs chapter, for which a DCP will be presented in the second half of the year.

Race begins to find a successor to Portillo
Financial Times - 8 January 2004
One of the safest Conservative seats in the country was put into play yesterday after the party invited applications to succeed Michael Portillo as MP for Kensington and Chelsea.

Trichet Bites Back
Central Banking Publications - www.centralbanknet.com - 2 January 2004
Jean-Clause Trichet proved that he can bare his teeth while still maintaining his legendary charm during his confirmation hearings as president of the ECB before the European Parliament in September. At the end of his gruelling two hour inquisition. Charles Tannock, a particularly well spoken British Conservative MEP, challenged Trichet head on.

Tories spoilt for choice in true blue seat
The Guardian - 2 January 2004
Christmas may be over, but for aspiring Tory MPs, the new year could bring the sweetest gift of all. On January 7, each of the 900-plus names on Conservative Central Office's candidates list will be sent an advertisement inviting them to apply for parliament's most well-heeled seat: the true blue Kensington and Chelsea (majority: 8,771).

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