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Member of the European Parliament for London

Articles & Published Letters - 2005

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Providing an accurate picture of events in Iraq - The Guardian, December 16th 2005
Jonathan Steele seems to have mislaid almost a million Iraqis, nearly 7% of the population (Comment, December 15). Sunni and Shia Arabs, and Kurds are mentioned, but not the original inhabitants of Iraq, the Assyrians.

A fruitful candidacy - European voice, December 15th 2005
One year after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is now promised market economy status, visa facilitation and support for WTO membership. Unfortunately economic reform is now stalling ahead of the March 2006 elections and current predictions are for an unstable outcome.

Ethiopia's intransigence over boundary is no surprise - Financial Times , October 26th 2005
If Ethiopia and Eritrea manage to avoid another disastrous conflict ("Peacekeepers fear Ethiopia and Eritrea 'sliding into war' ", October 24), it will be no thanks to the European Union.

China can learn from our mistakes - The Independent, October 20th 2005
China's spectacular growth is as much a threat to the Communist Party as to the environment. The government's determination to maintain an iron grip on the lives of its citizens is increasingly incompatible with their growing prosperity.

Defeating Insurgency - RealClearPolitics.com, September 30th 2005
Chaos and violence in Iraq has strengthened the notion that insurgencies cannot be defeated and so must be appeased. Colombia’s experience shows that this is not the case. A combination of military force, political incentives, and economic growth that benefits the wider population can begin to bring an insurgency to heel.

Derrotar a la insurgencia - El Tiempo (Colombia), September 29th 2005
El caos y la violencia en Irak han contribuido a abonar la idea de que no se puede derrotar a las insurgencias, por lo que hay que apaciguarlas. La experiencia de Colombia muestra que no es así. Una combinación de fuerza militar, incentivos políticos y crecimiento económico que beneficia a la población en general puede ser el comienzo para someter a una insurgencia.

Fears for Pakistan - The Sunday Telegraph, July 24th 2005
Con Coughlin's otherwise excellent article "Our safety is in the hands of Pakistan'' (Comment, July 17) misses a key point that President Pervez Musharraf is perhaps not actually prepared to go the whole way and apprehend Osama Bin Laden or Mullah Omar.

Bangladesh's drift into chaos - Daily Times (Pakistan), July 21st 2005
Bengali authorities seem to sense that their country is drifting towards becoming a failed state and are making greater efforts to arrest Islamist killers, despite some of them being part of the ruling coalition. Two radical Islamist groups have also been banned

Use of ID cards against terror - The Times, July 12th 2005
Peter Riddell (Political Briefing, July 8) repeats the assertion that ID cards did not prevent the Madrid bombings and by implication suggests the London bombings will not help the Government's case.

Diplomatic danger - Daily Telegraph, May 27th 2005
The European Constitution has been ratified by fewer than half of the EU's member states, and may yet have died a death by this time next week, but its supporters are trying to implement it by stealth, regardless.

Méfions-nous d'une Europe à deux vitesses - Liberation, May 22nd 2005
"Les conservateurs britanniques n'ont jamais éprouvé le besoin d'une Constitution écrite pour le Royaume-Uni, a fortiori d'une Constitution pour l'Union, visant avant tout à construire les "Etats-Unis d'Europe".

Turquie, Arménie et le poids du souvenir - La Libre Belgique, April 22nd 2005
Toutes les guerres prennent fin un jour ou l'autre. Mais les souvenirs des atrocités ne semblent jamais s'estomper, comme nous le rappellent les émeutes contre les Japonais attisées par le gouvernement qui se déroulent actuellement en Chine.

Will Turkey let history deny its future? - South China Morning Post, April 22nd 2005
All wars end, eventually. But memories of atrocity never seem to fade, as the government-fanned anti-Japan riots now taking place in China remind us. The 90th anniversary of the Armenian massacres of 1915, ordered by the Ottoman Empire, is another wound that will not heal, but one that must be treated if Turkey's progress towards European Union membership is to proceed smoothly.

A question of status - The Times, March 30th 2005
Mr Mal Cohen (letter, March 21) becane and EU citizen in 1993 under the Maastricht treaty, as did presumably HM the Queen and all the citizens of the other monarchies in the EU.

Ukraine deserves to be embraced - European Voice, February 24th 2005
This week President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg in his quest to demonstrate his government’s commitment to reform and democracy and its determination to pursue a course of European integration.

Parliament backs Ukraine’s ambitions - European Voice, January 20th 2005
Andrew Beatty’s excellent article on granting market economy status to Ukraine (‘EU set to grant Ukraine market economy status’, European Voice 13-19 January) demonstrates the sea of change in Brussels towards this neighbour of the EU.

Europe's Responsibility Toward Ukraine - Wall Street Journal, January 4th 2005
Given the expectations now raised in Ukraine, the EU must engage Kiev in some kind of long-term aspiration toward eventual EU membership. Otherwise it will be difficult for President Viktor Yushchenko to drive through the much-needed political and economic reforms and win the parliamentary elections of 2006.

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