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Press Coverage - 2005

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No changes planned for reform package
South China Morning Post - 25 November 2005
The government would not withdraw its electoral reform package and had no back-up plan, the chief secretary said yesterday. Instead, the administration had other preparations to make for elections in 2007 and 2008, said Rafael Hui Si-yan.

Ukraine to deepen relations with EU
Interfax Ukrainian News - 22 November 2005
Kyiv expects the European Union to be more active in relations with Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasiuk said at a meeting with a European parliamentary delegation headed by Charles Tannock.

Parliament condemns remarks by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Israel
Agence Europe - 17 November 2005
In a joint resolution by all political groups (except Independence/Democracy), adopted on Thursday, the European Parliament condemned the declarations by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who had said “Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth”.

Constructive dialogue of European Parliament on elections in Kazakhstan
Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies - 11 November 2005
Hearing devoted to the forthcoming Presidential elections in Kazakhstan was held in European Parliament (EP) on the initiative of the European People's Party and European Democrats (EPP-ED Group) deputies on November 10.In the course of the sitting the political situation, freedom of the mass media and development of civil society in Kazakhstan were discussed.

India's ability to innovate a reason for outsourcing success
Hindustan Times - 11 November 2005
India's entrepreneurial skills and ability to innovate are the reasons for it being a sought after outsourcing destination, said speakers at a conference here. At the conference on EU-India Strategic Plan: Enhancing Trade and Communications here, some Indian-origin industrialists defended outsourcing to India.

MEP pleasantly surprised after monitoring elections in Azerbaijan
Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies - 9 November 2005
Dr Charles Tannock, Conservative member of the European Parliament said he was "pleasantly surprised, along with the other MEP observers, that we observed a well conducted and transparent voting session in all polling stations and a subsequent count which was carried out in an exemplary albeit laborious fashion."

Azerbaijan elections 'failed to meet international standards'
DeHavilland Information Services plc - 7 November 2005
Independent observers have declared that yesterday's elections in Azerbaijan were undermined by "significant deficiencies".According to inspectors from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the proceedings were riddled with voting and vote-counting irregularities.

EP urges Morocco to hold referendum and release Western Saharan prisoners
Agence Europe - 28 October 2005
On 27 October, the European Parliament practically unanimously adopted a resolution on Western Sahara welcoming the recent release by the Polisario Front of all Moroccan prisoners-of-war and calling on the Moroccan authorities to 'immediately release the human rights supporters Aminattou Haidara and Ali Salem Tamek.

Fury over scam that lets refugees slip into Britain
The Express on Sunday - 18 September 2005
A political storm erupted last night over a glaring security loophole that allows illegal immigrants to slip into Britain on Eurostar. For the price of a train ticket from Brussels to Lille, refugees can enter Britain unhindered by passport controls.

Białoruś staje się Kubą Europy - mówi brytyjski europoseł Charles Tannock
Gazeta Wyborcza - 8 September 2004
Unia ma niewiele narzędzi nacisku na reżim białoruski. Szybko tam nic się nie zmieni. Jest więc całkiem realne, że Białoruś może stać się Kubą Europy - krajem opresyjnym, niemal stalinowskim i izolowanym - uważa Charles Tannock, brytyjski eurodeputowany

Riunita a Strasburgo delegazione Europarlamento per Ucraina
e.BisNews Direct - 7 September 2005
"Dobbiamo aiutarli a vincere, anche se non siamo completamente soddisfatti con l'attuale governo". E' quanto ha dichiarato l'europarlamentare polacco Jerzy Buzek (Ppe), nel corso della riunione odierna al Parlamento europeo di Strasburgo della Delegazione per l'Ucraina, riferendosi al partito del primo ministro Julia Tymoshenko, Verkhovna Rada.

British MPs back one Cyprus, reject Annan Plan
Cyprus Weekly - 23 July 2005
Members of the British and the European Parliaments from all parties strongly supported the reunification of Cyprus as a single state, rejecting the partitionist provisions of the Annan Plan during the various events staged here this week to mark the anniversary of the Turkish invasion and occupation.

A Union In A Shambles
Business Today (India) - 17 July 2005
The second week of June hasn't been too kind to the 25-member European Union (EU). Even before it could fully recover from the double whammy of a "no" from two of its founding members-France and the Netherlands-on the ratification of its new Constitution, differences over farm subsidies between France and Britain have seen its next Budget (2007-2013), come unstuck. The "no" from France and the Netherlands has come for purely domestic reasons.

Indian MPs hold talk with EU leaders
Hindustan Times - 7 July 2005
A five-member parliamentary delegation from India led by the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, K. Rahman Khan, had a very successful three-day visit to the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg.

Orange-Revolution Photos in European Parliament
Den (The Day), Ukraine - 17 June 2005
The Orange Moment of Life,” a photo exhibit devoted to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, has just opened at the Brussels-based European Parliament. The main part of the exhibit consists of pictures taken by photo correspondents from leading Ukrainian publications,

Refugee may get compensation
Cyprus Weekly - 17 June 2005
Another unique court case has emerged involving Greek Cypriot refugee property and a Turkish bank in the occupied areas, which however holds money reserves in the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Czech MEPs promote no common issue after nearly year in office
CTK Daily News - 31 May 2005
Czech deputies to the European Parliament (EP) have not presented any common issue so far, yet some of them have already aroused interest, Katerina Safarikova writes in the latest issue of the weekly Respekt.

European community familiarises with Aral Sea disaster
UzReport.com - 29 April 2005
Aral crisis was presented to the representatives of the European parliament and society in Brussels (Belgium) to attract their attention to the problem. Jahon news agency reported the Uzbek Embassy in Belgium and delegation of Europarliament on relations with Central Asia organized presentation “Aral crisis – modern global tragedy”.

Schwere Vorwürfe an Eutelsat
Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland) - 13 April 2005
Eutelsat will in China einen privaten Fernsehsender nicht mehr ausstrahlen - in der Hoffnung auf lukrative Geschäfte mit dem Regime.

Klaus's views no longer interest European Union
CTK Daily News - 7 April 2005
Czech President Vaclav Klaus has found himself on the fringes of the European political scene with his commentaries on the European Union development, the Lidove noviny permanent correspondent in Brussels writes in the daily today.

EU received no information on contamination by Malta
The Times of Malta - 3 April 2005
The European Commission was not alerted by Malta over any alleged contamination of sea waters in the vicinity of Malta and Sicily following a nuclear incident which happened four years ago in the Malta-Sicily strait.

Parliament looks at stakes and political context of EU-Syria association agreement
Agence Europe - 2 April 2005
Should the association agreement between the EU and Syria be exploited, made subject to conditions or simply deferred till a later date? This was the question put by MEPs from the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the human rights sub-committee during a hearing at the European Parliament.

La CE considera que el régimen fiscal en Torremolinos no es discriminatorio
El Mundo - 1 April 2005
La Comisión Europea (CE) considera que el régimen fiscal aplicado a los extranjeros que tienen una segunda vivienda en España no es discriminatorio con respecto a aquellos, españoles o no, con una residencia fija, lo que afirmó en respuesta a una denuncia sobre el Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos.

Bruselas niega que España discrimine a los extranjeros que compran segunda vivienda
Cinco Días - 1 April 2005
La Comisión Europea considera que el régimen fiscal aplicado a los extranjeros que tienen una segunda vivienda en España no es discriminatorio con respecto a aquellos, españoles o no, con una residencia fija.

East, west: which sounds best?
Sunday Telegraph - 27 March 2005
This winter, Britain has seen a glut of Russian and East European ballet and musical companies touring the country. Apart from the Moscow City Ballet, which earlier this month completed a 14-week, 22-venue tour of the regions, the Russian State Ballet of Siberia has been on a 13-week tour of 13 venues.

L'"effet contagieux" d'un non français?
Le Monde - 23 March 2005
L'eurodéputé danois Jens-Peter Bonde, coprésident du groupe Indépendance et démocratie au Parlement européen, qui fut l'un des chefs de file des eurosceptiques au sein de la Convention, s'est "félicité", dans une déclaration à l'Agence France-Presse, de la montée du non en France.

International Media Accuse China Of Bullying Satellite Company
Dow Jones International News - 16 March 2005
International media watchdogs are accusing leading satellite operator Eutelsat (ETL.YY) of bowing to pressure from Beijing by refusing to renew a contract that allows a U.S.-based Chinese television company to broadcast into China.

Chinese TV station blasts satellite provider for pulling plug
Agence France Presse - 15 March 2005
Media lobbyists and EU lawmakers threw their weight Tuesday behind an independent Chinese-language broadcaster taking legal action against satellite provider Eutelsat for dropping its programs to China.

Yushchenko underscores accession aspirations
European Report (www.eis.be) - 26 February 2005
Ukraine's new President Viktor Yushchenko said on February 23 in Strasbourg that he would like to see Kiev start accession talks with the European Union in 2007 or earlier. Addressing the European Parliament on his 51st birthday, the spearhead of Ukraine's recent ‘Orange Revolution’ underscored his desire to see Ukraine join the EU and his commitment to reforms.

Biometric ID may snare travelers
CNN.com - 25 February 2005
Biometric passports, described by some as a global identification card, are just around the corner -- and it could mean easier travel for business travelers or a hassle for others.

Election alert
Evening Standard - 23 February 2005
Is there trouble ahead for Mark Field, Tory MP for the Cities of London and Westminster and low-profile shadow minister for London, who is defending a majority of 4,499?

European Parliament to continue cooperation with Uzbekistan – MEP
UzReport.com (Uzbekistan) - 11 February 2005
Dr Charles Tannock, Member of the European Parliament, Conservative Spokesman on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament, spoke to Jahon on the speech of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at joint session of the Legislative Chamber and Senate of Oliy Majlis (parliament) of Uzbekistan.

Peace prize proposed for Yushchenko
Sunday Times (South Africa) - 6 February 2005
Five influential members of the European Union parliament have proposed Ukraine's new President Viktor Yushchenko for the Nobel Peace Prize in tribute to his "courage" in fighting for democracy.

EU calls truce in 'cocktail war' with Cuba
National Post (Canada) - 1 February 2005
The European Union moved to end a diplomatic dispute with Cuba yesterday by suspending a policy of inviting dissidents to national day celebrations at members' Havana missions in protest at the island's human rights record.

Yushchenko accepts a new poison chalice
The Scotsman - 24 January 2004
Amid pageantry, formal ceremony and a final gathering of orange-clad supporters, Viktor Yushchenko was finally installed as Ukraine’s president yesterday, ending two months of political turmoil.

"Accession prospects" not on agenda but no door has been left closed
Agence Europe - 14 January 2005
According to MEPs, the historic changes represented by the presidential elections in Ukraine justify accession possibilities for this country that has reaffirmed its European vocation.

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