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Press Coverage - 2006

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The orphans' Christmas saviour
Daily Express - 23 December 2006
SARAH WADE looks like any other young single mum trying to keep up with her six-year-old tearaway. She's exhausted but full of love. She may not be able to afford many presents this year – he won't find the latest gadgets neatly wrapped beneath the tree – but Sarah knows she has already given him a truly life-changing gift.

EU report amended
Greater Kashmir - 21 December 2006
The President of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that due to the persistent efforts by KCCI and Dr Charles Tannock, MEP, amendments have been made in paragraph 37 of the draft report by Emma Nicholson on Kashmir submitted to European Parliament.

Centre-right MEPs say CIA report unfairly tarnishes Poles
European Voice - 7 December 2006
Centre-right MEPs are to demand changes to parts of a report on CIA activity in Europe where Poland is criticised and accused of possibly hosting a secret detention centre.

Americans Should Beware Of the Sheik of Al-Jazeera
The New York Sun - 22 November 2006
As the new Al-Jazeera English network strives to separate itself from its mother channel, its American employees should denounce their co-worker Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi and his statements against their country.

EP raises proposed thresholds to bring goods into EU tax-free
Agence Europe - 17 November 2006
On Tuesday 14 November, the EP adopted the report by British Conservative member Charles Tannock on the proposed directive concerning value-added tax (VAT) and excise levied on the import of goods by travellers coming from third countries.

EP unanimously condemns violence against civilian populations
Agence Europe - 16 November 2006
The European Union is deeply concerned about the violence in Gaza over recent weeks. It calls on the Palestinians to cease firing rockets and on Israel to bring its military intervention to an end.

Tax ruling will save UK drinkers billions
Sunday Telegraph - 12 November 2006
British shoppers will soon be able to buy cut-price alcohol and cigarettes from the Continent without leaving home, as a result of an extraordinary legal test case that threatens to blow a multi-billion pound hole in the Treasury's coffers.

European parliament delegation calls on KCCI
Greater Kashmir - 2 November 2006
The European Parliamentary delegation headed by Dr. Charles Tannock MEP of U.K. and other dignitaries from Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia held a meeting with the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation headed by senior Vice President, Nazir A. Dar at here.

Sinha for conversion of LoC into trade link
Greater Kashmir - 2 November 2006
Governor Lt General (Retd) S K Sinha said on Thursday that converting Line of Control into Line of Peace will help in giving push to trade in the region.

EU, India push for trade pact
DNA Money - 1 November 2006
India and the European Union are expected to kick off negotiations for a broad-based trade and investment agreement expected in March next.

European Friends of Israel inauguration attracts 200 parlimentarians, officials
Jerusalem Post - 19 September 2006
A pro-Israel organization comprising European parliamentarians was officially launched last week at a reception in Brussels attended by members of the Knesset, European Parliament and European national parliaments, and an array of diplomats and dignitaries.

Taliban more dangerous now than al Qaeda: Musharraf
Reuters - 12 September 2006
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf warned the West on Tuesday that Taliban insurgents were a more dangerous terrorist force than al Qaeda because of the broad support they have in Afghanistan

EU diplomats call for Muslim component in peacekeeping troops in Lebanon
Jakarta Post - 30 August 2006
European Union diplomats on Tuesday called for Muslim nations to make substantial contributions to the peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, despite Israel's refusal to allow soldiers from countries that do not recognize it to take part.

A gap year: discover who you are, want to be
The Independent - 18 August 2006
It’s fashionable for gappers to teach English in Ethiopia, backpack round Brazil, climb Kilimanjaro, protect baboons in Borneo and exploit their English accents in America. Their main aim is to explore and save the world, and to do it with a tenner to spare.

Ukraine is not Europe - Yet
Kiev Post - 10 August 2006
Many analysts have reacted positively to the confirmation of the new Yanukovich government, welcoming the end of over four months of political turmoil. But, when looking past the short-term goal of so-called “political stability” to Ukraine’s long-term development, the formation of the government causes a number of concerns.

Albanian leader in plea for Kosovo independence
EU Obserer - 22 June 2006
The Albanian prime minister, Sali Berisha, has said Kosovo should become an independent state, while rejecting the idea of the territory uniting with his own country.

EU lawmakers seek travel ban on Iranian leader
Reuters - 2 June 2006
A group of 75 European Union lawmakers called on Thursday for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be banned from entering the bloc until he renounces inflammatory statements on Israel and the Holocaust.

Calls for EU World Cup travel ban on Iran president
EUpolitix - 2 June 2006
75 MEPs on Thursday signed a letter calling on world football’s governing body to ban the Iranian president from the championship, which starts next week in Germany.

Azerbaijan 'vandalised' sacred Armenian sites
The Independent - 30 May 2006
Fears that Azerbaijan has systematically destroyed hundreds of 500-year-old Christian artefacts have exploded into a diplomatic row, after Euro MPs were barred from inspecting an ancient Armenian burial site.

EU lawmakers ask for fewer restrictions on adoptions
Bucharest Daily News - 28 April 2006
Several MEPs asked Basescu to amend the law on international adoptions as the EP was set to assess Romania's progress for EU accession. A group of EU lawmakers on Tuesday evening spoke against the current Romanian adoption law that completely bans international adoptions and announced the EP will send an official letter to President Traian Basescu.

Child protection: New law leaves Romanian orphans abandoned, say MEPs
European Report - 26 April 2006
Orphans in Romania who believed they had found new families abroad are facing being abandoned for a second time, due a new Romanian adoption law, according to Members of the European Parliament who organised a public hearing on 25 April.

European Parliament, a Friend for Assyrians
Assyria Times - 9 April 2006
In a session devoted to Human Rights, in Darfur, Iraq and Egypt, a resolution was passed on the situation of the Assyrians in Iraq. Patrons of the Save the Assyrians campaign Glyn Ford MEP and Dr Charles Tannock MEP, who were accompanied by Andy Darmoo, also of the campaign, were pleased to see 86 of the 88 members present voting in favour of a resolution that asks for Assyrian rights to be granted in Iraq.

Ukraine: Elections Receive High Acclaim From EU Monitors
Radio Free Europe - 28 March 2006
Deputies of the European Parliament who were in Ukraine monitoring last weekend's parliamentary vote have praised its conduct in glowing terms. Speaking in Brussels shortly after their return, members of the observation mission said the elections were free and fair. They said the poll shows Ukraine has passed an important test of democracy.

MEPs condemn the Belarus elections - "It won't always be winter in Minsk
Noticias - 26 March 2006
Mr Hans WINKLER, Austrian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, said that it was very important to send a "clear signal" on Belarus. There had been concern for some time about repression of opposition groups and the series of measures taken against the opposition prior to the elections only served to boost this concern.

EU struggles with Palestinian dilemma
BBC Website - 15 March 2006
The attacks on EU offices in Gaza have sharpened the European Union's dilemma over whether to continue funding the Palestinian Authority under a Hamas-led government. The EU has been the biggest single donor to the Palestinian Authority (PA), but Hamas is on its list of terrorist organisations.

The Hamas-Russia Connection
FrontPageMagazine.com - 10 March 2006
Russia’s determination to undermine the U.S. policy in the Middle East may well weaken U.S. power. But opposing punitive sanctions for Iran at the U.N. and endorsing HAMAS is likely to cost Russia dearly.

European parliamentarians break the Nicholson monopoly on international adoptions
Bucharest Daily News - 8 March 2006
In spite of the general belief among Romanians that the European Union fully supports the law banning international adoptions, Bucharest Daily News found out a significant number of EU lawmakers fight a tough battle to persuade both the European Commission and the Romanian government that such adoptions are a viable alternative for orphaned children.

Paper Tiger?
Parliament Magazine - 20 February 2006
Even before the first meeting of The European parliament’s temporary committee on alleged CIA rendition, cages were rattled by calls from Baroness Sarah Ludford for US Vice-President Dick Cheney to be summoned to Brussels to testify. Her demands were dismissed by Conservative MEP Charles Tannock as “breathtakingly naïve.”

'Weed out textbooks offensive to Muslims'
The Daily Telegraph - 16 February 2006
SCHOOL textbooks should be reviewed for intolerant depictions of Islam and other faiths by experts overseen by the European Union and Islamic leaders, the European Parliament was told yesterday.

Must See Hezbollah TV
The New York Sun - 9 February 2006
Since Hezbollah's TV channel Al-Manar began broadcasting via satellite in 2000, it has been at the center of controversy throughout the West. In America, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, the channel has been banned.

EU ready to start talks with Ukraine on 'enhanced' partnership accord this year
Unian - 2 February 2006
Yesterday the European Union once again indicated it wants to remove the issue of membership from its dealings with Ukraine for the foreseeable future, according to RFE/RL.

MEPs want face-to-face with Cheney and Rumsfeld over torture
The Daily Telegraph - 27 January 2006
DICK Cheney, the American vice-president, and Donald Rumsfeld, the defence secretary, should be called to testify before the European Parliament on allegations of secret CIA prisons and torture of detainees, MEPs said yesterday.

EP Calls on Azerbaijan to stop destruction of Armenian cultural heritage
European Armenian Federation - Press Release - 23 January 2006
On January 19, 2006 the European Parliament adopted a resolution on its European Neighbourhood Policy toward the South Caucasus which included provisions calling on Azerbaijan to end its destruction of Armenian cultural heritage sites.

'Ring of Friends' taking Root under European neighbourhood policy
Europe Information - www.eis.be - 21 January 2006
European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), under which the EU looks to boost links with its neighbours to the East and South, has received a vote of confidence from the MEP in charge of drafting a report on the subject. Speaking on January 18 in Strasbourg, Charles Tannock (EPP-ED, UK) said he was initially sceptical when the ENP concept was first floated in 2003.

Questions Linger About Russian-Ukrainian Gas Deal
Radio Free Europe - 12 January 2006
Brussels last week welcomed the deal between Russia and Ukraine resolving a gas-price dispute that had briefly threatened supplies to the rest of Europe. But concerns remain.

Moscow is accused of political pressure on Kiev
Agence Europe - 12 January 2006
As the gas conflict between Moscow and Kiev begins to look more like a political crisis in Ukraine not even three months from the next legislative elections, the members of the EP delegation responsible for cooperation with Ukraine held, on Wednesday morning, an exchange of views with Ukraine's ambassador to the Union, Roman Shpek.

CIA Terrorist prisons scandal refuses to die down
Europe Information - www.eis.be - 7 January 2006
There is no sign of a let-up in claims that Europe has been somehow complicit in the United States' extra-judicial abduction, transport and interrogation of terror suspects. MEPs in the European Parliament are jockeying for highly-prized positions on the temporary committee being set up to probe the allegations.

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