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Press Coverage - 2007

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Brussels names first “ambassador”
The Sunday Telegraph - 16 December 2007
BRUSSELS HAS appointed the European Union's first "ambassador" more than a year before the EU Reform Treaty comes into force, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

EU officials condemn Israeli action in Gaza
The Jerusalem Post - 11 October 2007
Not all the parliamentarians were negative toward Israeli actions in Gaza. In one particularly pro-Israel speech, British MEP Charles Tannock said Israel is actually acting with restraint and moderation" given that Hamas is "committed to Israel's destruction."

EU urged to support Taiwan's UN bid
eupolitix.com - 13 September 2007
MEPs have thrown their weight behind Taiwan’s bid to join the United Nations. The cross-party group also urged the EU to “take a stance” against China’s alleged “intimidation” against its small neighbour across the Taiwan straits.

That's the spirit, Mr Tannock
The Observer - 19 August 2007
Tory Euro MP Charles Tannock has been tackling the key issues. 'What is vodka?' he asks. 'That was the question facing MEPs recently as some member states in eastern and northern Europe tried to impose stiff restrictions on the use of the word.

EU concerned about extremism in Pakistan
Indo-Asian News Service - 12 July 2007
The European Union has voiced concern about the Lal Masjid episode in Pakistani capital Islamabad and has called on the government to take a position against extremists in the country, INEPNEXT news service said.

European Parliament's Interest In India Growing
News Post India - 28 June 2007
The European Parliament is increasingly showing interest in India, said a British MP here. Charles Tannock, re-elected as co-chairman of the informal parliamentary group 'Friends of India in the European Parliament', Wednesday hosted a reception to introduce the office-bearers of the body.

Georgia ready to resolve South Ossetia conflict on basis of "mutual compromises"
BBC - 27 June 2007
The head of the Tbilisi-backed temporary administration in South Ossetia, Dmitriy Sanakoyev, has said at a meeting of the EU Parliamentary Relations Committee in Brussels that the European Parliament should facilitate the settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, the Georgian Mze TV station reports.

EP encourages India and Pakistan to find peaceful and democratic agreement in Kashmir
Agence Europe - 29 May 2007
In a resolution adopted in Strasbourg on Thursday 24 May, the European Parliament welcomed the bilateral talks between India and Pakistan and encouraged them to find a solution to the Kashmir conflict, while criticising Pakistan for lack of progress on democracy and human rights.

EU report on Kashmir criticises Pakistan
The Press Trust of India - 25 May 2007
The European Parliament today adopted a report on Kashmir, criticising Pakistan for its lack of progress on democracy and human rights and commending India as the largest secular democracy.

Freeze EU funds to Malta, MEPs urged
Times of Malta - 23 April 2007
A number of British MEPs have received e-mails urging them to push for extreme measures in opposition to spring hunting in Malta, such as the freezing of EU funds for the island.

Solana hopes for Quartet meeting with Israel, Palestinians and Arab countries
European Jewish Press - 29 March 2007
Javier Solana, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, has said the Quartet of international Middle East mediators hopes to meet Israel, the Palestinians and four Arab countries for the first time.

European Parliament committee adopts pro-India Kashmir report
Malaysia Sun - 21 March 2007
The European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET) Wednesday adopted a report on Kashmir in a move seen by observers as a victory for Indian diplomacy. Sixty members of the AFET voted in favour of the report following 28 compromise proposals, only one voted against and 11 abstained. The amended report will now go before the plenary of the European Parliament (EP) for approval in May

MEPs demand recognition of Ukraine 'genocide'
EUPolitix.com - 7 March 2007
MEPs are calling on the international community to recognise the 1930s great famine in Ukraine as Soviet-enforced genocide. A small number of nations have already recognised the famine as genocide and three deputies have tabled a written declaration calling for the international community to follow suit.

Ukrainian Advocacy Group appeals to EP for help - wins MEP support
Business Wire (Ukraine) - 6 March 2007
A group of Ukrainian NGOs, focusing on competition and the protection of economic freedoms, appealed to a Member of the European Parliament from the UK, Charles Tannock, for EP support in settling a dispute between the Ukrainian state-owned air carrier Dniproavia and German Lufthansa.

Kashmir report sparks debate in European Parliament
New Europe - 3 March 2007
A debate on compromise amendments to a draft report on Kashmir in the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament (EP) on February 26 turned into acrimonious exchanges between some of the pro-Pakistani Members of the European Parliament (MEP) and the rapporteur of the report, Baroness Emma Nicholson.

Ukrainian Order of Merit for Charles Tannock
EPP-ED press - 15 February 2007
On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of Independence Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (Poland), Elmar Brok (Germany) and Charles Tannock (United Kingdom) have been awarded the Ukrainian Order for Merit. According to the Presidential Decree signed by Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yuschenko, the three MEPs are honored for their "special contribution to the development of international cooperation, strengthening of Ukraine's international image and the popularization of its historical and modern achievements".

EU report finds members complicit in secret CIA flights
Globe and Mail (South Africa) - 15 February 2007
More than a dozen European governments were complicit in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's covert program of “extraordinary” renditions and secret detention of alleged terrorist suspects, the European Parliament found yesterday.

MEPs condemn rendition flights
Financial Times - 14 February 2007
European governments “turned a blind eye” to the illegal transportation of alleged terrorists through their countries by the Central Intelligence Agency, a hard-hitting European parliament report concluded on Wednesday.

Geneva group grades MEPs
New Europe - 20 January 2007
The European League of Geneva has selected its list of the best Members of the European Parliament per country for the year 2006, before Bulgaria and Romania joined on January 1, 2007.

EU Parliament Elects Germany's Poettering President
Bloomberg News - 17 January 2007
The European Parliament chose Hans- Gert Poettering, a German Christian Democratic supporter of deeper political union in Europe, as assembly president. He takes over a 27-nation institution whose membership is splintering and becoming more hostile to the European Union.

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