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Member of the European Parliament for London

Press Releases - 2007

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EU should raise 'discriminatory' US travel measures for people with HIV/AIDS - 19th December 2007
New US proposals to regulate people with HIV and AIDS travelling to the United States could amount to double discrimination, London Conservative Euro-MP Charles Tannock said today. Dr Tannock, a former NHS doctor, has raised the issue with senior EU officials after being contacted by constituents.

Time for the sycophancy to end in our relations with Saudi Arabia - 13th December 2007
The West shares business and strategic foreign policy interests with Saudi Arabia but should not claim that it shares the values of what is a harsh and medieval regime, Conservative MEP Charles Tannock said today.

European Neighbourhood Policy: There is strength in numbers - 15th November 2007
Strengthening the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) aims to bring Ukraine and Belarus into the family of nations and further widen the free trade area.

Brown by-passes UN to appease Turkey over Cyprus - 30th October 2007
Britain's relations with fellow EU and Commonwealth country Cyprus may suffer serious damage after Gordon Brown agreed a deal over the Turkish-occupied north of the island with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, London Conservative MEP Dr Charles Tannock said today.

Afghanistan: Taliban will win unless EU international aid is improved - 25th October 2007
Speaking in a European Parliament debate on opium production in Afghanistan, Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman, condemned the failure to coordinate and efficiently distribute EU aid, warning that continued ignorance of the problem could lead to a Taliban victory

Chavez is corrupting Mercosur - 26th September 2007
Mercosur is too weak to create EU style single market in the region not least because of the decision by Argentina to join with Hugo Chávez's anti free market crusade. Dr Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman, says the EU must now deal directly with South American countries to avoid a new protectionism emerging.

The EU must not lose Bangladesh to anarchy and military dictatorship - 10th September 2007
Following the August student demonstrations, Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman in the European Parliament, has called for a three point plan to restore full secular democracy in Bangladesh.

Pakistan must act to restore real democracy - 10th July 1007
Is Pakistan's President Musharraf still someone the west can in full confidence reliably do business with, asks Charles Tannock, Conservative Spokesman in the European Parliament for Foreign Affairs on the day the Pakistan Army stormed the red mosque killing 50 militants.

Hamas - the enemy within as predicted - 19th June 2007
In a debate today on Palestine in the European Parliament, Dr Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman, stated that Hamas has been exposed, following its violent military coup, as the terrorist organisation which the EU deems it to be, and that Iran will now have a threatening foothold north and south of Israel and that full funding must be restored to the secular President Abbas.

Kashmir: The EU should be ready to help - but not to intervene - 23rd May 2007
After a controversial debate in the European Parliament which divided Labour and the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives now welcome the vote which says that current bilateral ongoing confidence building talks between the Indian and Pakistani governments remain the best strategy to achieve a just and enduring peace.

Russia needs "tough love" from the EU, not a cold shoulder - 10th May 2007
The 18th May EU-Russia summit must go ahead say the Conservatives, repudiating the call from Graham Watson MEP, Leader of the Liberal Group in the European Parliament, to cancel the summit.

EU must embrace free trade with India and the United States - 25th April 2007
Dr Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman, wants the three most populous democracies to promote free trade in a free world. Speaking in the European Parliament to the visiting President Kallam of India, Dr Tannock, who is President of the Friends of India, urged the EU to "topple the barriers to trade" with the sub-continent and warned protectionist MEPs to wake up to the EU's economic decline.

Conservatives call for EU to get tough on sanctions - 9th March 2007
European governments are implicitly backing Iran's bid to join the nuclear club by using export guarantees to boost trade between the EU and Iran to record levels, the Conservatives reveal today. The EU is Iran's top business partner - the rogue regime imports 40% of its goods including components for its engineering industry from the EU and exports 24% in return.

Blair snubbed on 'war on terror' - 14th February 2007
In a direct attack on Tony Blair's foreign policy, Labour MEPs voted today to condemn the UK's alliance with USA in the war on terror. The vote in the European Parliament also implies that the UK would be unable to deport non-UK citizens and be required to provide diplomatic help to UK residents who trained in the terrorist camps in Afghanistan.

Labour split over crude campaign to win back Muslim voters - 25th January 2007
In the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee debate on the 25th January over the Lib Dem sponsored Baroness Nicholson report on the future of Kashmir, which has caused huge outrage amongst pro-Pakistan Kashmiris, Labour split embarrassingly despite criticising other parties for bias and being split.

Labour MEP snubs Blair by condemning the UK's position on extraordinary rendition - 23rd January 2007
Labour MEP, Claude Moraes, voted to condemn his own country and party leader, by supporting the controversial European Parliament investigation into CIA extraordinary rendition, the final report of which was published today.

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