Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Press Coverage - 2009

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EU urged to press ahead with trade talks with Taiwan
theparliament.com - 11 November 2009
British MEP Charles Tannock has urged the EU to press ahead with free trade negotiations with Taiwan.

Election in Ukraine to become probation for EU, says European MP
Interfax-Ukraine - 5 September 2009
Future presidential election in Ukraine would become a probation for the European Union (EU), which should grant Russia's non-interference in the election using foreign policy instruments, says European MP Charles Tannock in his article in the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Mirror Weekly) newspaper.

Tories in new row on NHS 'charges'
The Press Association - 28 August 2009
The Tories are engaged in another internal row over the NHS after one of the party's MEPs called for working people to be charged £10 to see their GP.

New EU parliament to be more pro-Israel ?
European Jewish Press - 14 July 2009
The freshly-elected European parliament meets Tuesday for its first plenary session in Strasbourg, France, with as priority task the election of a new president to succeed German Hans-Gert Poettering. Around 50 percent of the 736 MEPs will be new elected members from the 27 EU countries.

MEPs call for respecting China's territorial integrity
China View - 16 July 2009
Some members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on Wednesday called for respecting China's territorial integrity while debating response to the riots in the northwest Chinese region of Xinjiang.

Academic mobility principle 'ignored' by some EU states
Times Higher Education - 25 June 2009
European universities have been accused of failing to encourage freedom of movement for academics, resulting in an unfair system in which British scholars lose out.

Christian Coptic Twin Boys Struggle Against Forced Islamization
Assyrian News Agency - 20 June 2009
The Egyptian Court of Cassation ruled on Monday, June 15, 2009, in favor of Mrs. Camilia Lutfi, giving her the right to retain custody of her twin boys Andrew and Mario, in spite of their father's conversion to Islam, thereby ending the 5-year legal battle over the custodial rights between her and her ex-husband, Medhat Ramsis.

London goes Greek with first Euro MEP
London Daily News - 8 June 2009
London has its first ever Greek MEP, the Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis a serving local councilor for Barnet, immediately attracting the plaudits of leading Conservatives.

Macedonia seeds hope in 5 million new trees
The Christian Science Monitor - 15 March 2009
Campaign season has arrived in Macedonia, with presidential and municipal elections next Sunday. Nevertheless, the locals made time for the third installment of the “Day of the Tree” initiative that began last March to help reforest this small Balkan country and raise ecological awareness.

European Parliament tells LTTE “Lay down arms, surrender”
Daily News (Sri Lanka) - 6 February 2009
The European Parliament has called upon the LTTE to lay down their arms and participate in the democratic process. Yesterday, it was due to pass its sixth resolution on the Sri Lankan situation with the support of all major political groups other than the Socialists.

MEP cautions that "Some LTTE militants may try to seek asylum in Europe"
Asian Tribune - 6 February 2009
The European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday ( 5 February ) passed an urgent resolution on the "Situation in Sri Lanka" with the support of all major political groups, with the exception of the socialists, calling on the LTTE to lay down their arms and participate in the democratic political process.

FF to block far-right party joining EU group
Irish Times - 3 February 2009
FIANNA FÁIL MEP Brian Crowley has vowed to block any application made by the Austrian Freedom Party to join the political group he leads in the European Parliament.

Re-thinking Europe's gas supplies after the Russia/Ukraine crisis
European Parliament - 26 January 2009
Cold homes and closed business due to gas shortages across much of Central and Eastern Europe in January thanks to the Russia-Ukraine gas dispute has prompted a re-think of supplies. The crisis has pushed energy security up the political agenda. A workshop on 19 January brought together academics and MEPs on the Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss Europe's options.

EU parliament urges Moscow to 'stop playing games' in gas dispute
TheParliament.com - 14 January 2009
A debate in parliament on the Russia/Ukraine gas crisis heard that Moscow must ‘stop playing politics when people's lives are at stake’.

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