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Press Coverage - 2010

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British MEPs are ranked by value for money
The Daily Telegraph - 20 December 2010
One of the drawbacks of having a Telegraph blog is that you’re thought to be responsible for everything that appears in the paper. In fact, this blog is my only connection to the Telegraph these days; but that won’t stop half my Euro-colleagues being convinced that I am in some way behind the Sunday Telegraph’s league table of MEPs.

The value for money of the UK's £26 million MEPs
The Daily Telegraph - 18 December 2010
Britain's members of the European Parliament are costing the public purse £26 million a year, an investigation has revealed. The cost goes toward the salaries, pensions and expenses of the 72 elected UK representatives and their staff.

EU member states approve visa-free travel for Taiwan citizens
The Parliament - 29 November 2010
UK deputy Charles Tannock says that enabling Taiwanese citizens to travel to the Schengen area of the EU without a visa requirement will "further consolidate" the growing links between Taiwan and the EU.

Montenegro accession talks should not be postponed, says EP
EU Observer - 26 Novemer 2010
The European Parliament will call on member states to grant Montenegro the status of EU candidate country without delay, in a resolution next Thursday (2 December) which will support the European Commission's recommendations to the council.

ECR: Three Tory leadership hopefuls set out their stalls
New Europe - 21 November 2010
The British Conservatives will be meeting in Strasbourg on 23 November, to choose a new leadership after Timothy Kirkhope resigned. There are a range of positions up for grabs. In a display of unity, Syed Kamall was elected unopposed as Treasurer.

Pro-presidential PR targets European deputies
Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - 15 November 2010
While even access to information about Ukraine’s murkiest elections in five years was carefully doctored in Ukraine, several members of the European Parliament in Brussels were fed a quite different line - literally.

Charles Tannock Hosts Hearing: How do Democracies in Europe, the Middle-East and South Asia React to
PR Newswire Association - 16 June 2010
"It will be fundamental to world security if the Pakistani army truly starts fighting terrorism with an intent to comprehensively defeat it instead of ambivalently", Conservative British MEP Charles Tannock said in agreement with the former director of the Indian intelligence service (RAW) Vikram Sood at a hearing in the European Parliament.

Euro a big hit in Montenegro and Kosovo
forbes.com - 11 June 2010
Montenegro -- European Union membership still remains an elusive goal for Montenegro and Kosovo. But Europe's two youngest states have an apparent advantage over many other candidates to get into the elite club: They use the euro.

EU presidency urged to back visa-free travel demand
theparliament.com - 1 February 2010
The Spanish EU presidency has been urged to back calls to make it easier for Taiwanese people to travel to the EU.

Euro's Greek squeeze
BBC News - 1 February 2010
Financial eyes remain focused on Greece and whether it can finance its debt. It needs to raise a cool 53bn euros (£46bn) just this year. That becomes increasingly expensive if the markets are not convinced by Greece's plans to curb its deficit.

MEPs want sanctions on Iran, but the EU wants to wait for UN
New Europe - 31 January 2010
Even as Members of the European Parliament have set the stage for a volatile showdown over demands for stronger sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program and crackdown on dissidents, European Union foreign ministers backed away from a confrontation and said it’s up to the United Nations Security Council to make the call.

Ceremonies of 65th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation
European Jewish Press - 27 January 2010
Sirens wailed at the former Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp Wednesday afternoon as ceremonies began in a biting Polish winter cold to mark the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the symbol of the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis.

MEPs condemn regime's nuclear programme & dissent crackdown
European Parliament press release - 20 January 2010
In a charged and emotive debate on Iran the regime's nuclear programme and the crackdown on political dissent drew criticism from all sides. Opening the debate the EU's new foreign affairs chief, Catherine Ashton, told the House in Strasbourg that Iran's nuclear programme was in breach of its international obligations.

Enlargement Commissioner-designate calls for name row settlement
BSANNA News - 13 January 2010
European Enlargement Commissioner-designate Stefan Fuele called on Skopje and Athens Tuesday to use the opportunity for settling the name dispute, thus enabling for Macedonia's EU accession talks to kick off.

Summary of hearing of Andris Piebalgs - Development
European Parliament press release - 12 January 2010
Andris Piebalgs, the Latvian Commissioner-designate for Development, fielded Development Committee questions on the key aim of development policy - fighting poverty - as well as aid effectiveness, the impact of climate change on developing countries and co-ordination among EU policy makers.

Baroness Ashton 'has lost control of EU foreign policy'
The Daily Telegraph - 11 January 2010
During a hearing in the European Parliament on Monday, Lady Ashton faced repeated questions over who was really in charge of Europe's foreign affairs and security policy.

Solid, decent – but uninspired: Catherine Ashton makes EU debut
The Guardian - 11 January 2010
Europe opened a new year and a new era today: a new commission, a new treaty, a new rule book – and a new baroness.

New EU foreign chief criticised for lack of specifics
AFP - 11 January 2010
Europe's new foreign affairs chief won tepid support Monday at a parliamentary confirmation hearing after failing to impress a number of deputies with what they called vague answers to policy questions.

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