Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Press Releases - 2010

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EU-India partnership vital to Europe's future, says Charles Tannock MEP - 7th December 2010
The strategic partnership between the European Union and India is vital to Europe's future prosperity and security, Dr Charles Tannock MEP said today ahead of the forthcoming EU-India summit in Brussels.

Minister for Europe: “Cyprus will not be forgotten” - 6th October 2010
Minister for Europe, David Lidington MP, last night reassured British Cypriot delegates at the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Birmingham that Cyprus remains a priority for the new Coalition Government.

Tannock given Decoration by Colombian government - 9th September 2010
Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative foreign affairs spokesman in the European Parliament, has been told that he has received a state award from the outgoing Colombian President Uribe for his "outstanding contributions to Colombia, particularly in the field of diplomacy and international relations."

ECR group welcomes EU's response to Pakistan floods - 8th September 2010
n a debate with EU Crisis Response Commissioner Georgieva on the Pakistan floods, European Conservatives and Reformists group members welcomed the EU's response to the Pakistani tragedy but called on the European Commission to ensure that the money does not go to corrupt officials, and that it does not discriminate against Christians or other minorities in the country.

South Sudan must be allowed to decide its future democratically - 14th July 2010
The autonomous region of South Sudan must be allowed to hold a referendum on independence and the international community should move quickly to recognise an independent South Sudan if voters in he south choose to secede from Khartoum, ECR Group spokesman on foreign affairs Dr Charles Tannock MEP said today.

Chavez's popularity with the left hides his worrying trend towards totalitarianism - 9th July 2010
Hugo Chavez is being allowed to escape the condemnation he deserves because of support from left-wing politicians, European Conservatives and Reformists group foreign affairs spokesman Charles Tannock has said today. The parliament has today adopted a resolution authored by the centre-right EPP and ECR groups, which the socialist group would not sign.

Election in Somaliland compels a positive response from the international community - 2nd July 2010
The recent peaceful, free and fair presidential elections in the breakaway region of Somaliland underline the importance of reconsidering Somaliland's desire for official re-recognition as a sovereign independent state, ECR Group spokesman on foreign affairs Dr Charles Tannock MEP said today as he congratulated the winner, President-elect Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo.

Egypt has greater role to play in delivering aid to Gaza - 16th June 2010
Conservative Foreign Affairs spokesman in Brussels Dr Charles Tannock MEP said Egypt had a bigger role to play in delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. His comments come as the European Parliament debated the fallout following the Israeli military operation against the humanitarian flotilla.

How do Democracies in Europe, the Middle-East and South Asia React to Terror? - 10th June, 2010
"It will be fundamental to world security if the Pakistani army truly starts fighting terrorism with an intent to comprehensively defeat it instead of ambivalently", Conservative British MEP Charles Tannock said in agreement with the former director of the Indian intelligence service (RAW) Vikram Sood at a hearing Tannock hosted in the European Parliament.

Statement on the seizure of the Gaza flotilla by the Israeli Defence Force - 31st May 2010
The European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament deeply regrets the casualties including fatalities which resulted from the Israeli military interception of a flotilla of ships led by the Turkish Islamic humanitarian organisation Insani yardim vafki ("humanitarian relief fund" or IHH in German), Charles Tannock MEP, ECR foreign affairs coordinator in the European Parliament, said today.

EU on track for further enlargement, ECR group says - 10th February 2010
In a European Parliament debate on the progress made by Croatia, Turkey and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia towards EU membership, the European Conservatives and Reformists group said that Croatia is on track for membership, whilst other countries are making progress.

EU must support Iran's people but punish its regime - 19th January 2010
European Conservatives and Reformists group foreign affairs coordinator, Charles Tannock MEP, has called on EU High Representative Ashton to hit the Iranian regime with sanctions that are "targeted and extremely damaging", but to support the people of Iran who identify with our values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

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