Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Press Releases - 2012

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Dr Charles Tannock MEP views the future of biomedical research - 14th December 2012
Dr Charles Tannock MEP met Cancer Research UK scientists in London last week to learn about the charity’s world class research and the future vision for biomedical advances in the UK.

Tannock hosts Ahmadiyya Muslim community - 5th December 2012
The European Parliament has held its first meeting of the 'Friends of Ahmadiyya Muslims group', a group that highlights that the cause of peace is at the heart of the Muslim faith. The meeting discussed 'A Message of Peace' and looked at how forces of tolerance and moderation can tackle religious extremism of all forms.

Argentina: EU must intervene quickly and firmly - 26th November 2012
The EU must act firmly and promptly to reprimand Argentina after a gang of nationalists in Buenos Aires ransacked an office which organises cruises to the Falkland Islands, a senior British MEP said today.

Gaza: Now two-state talks must start in earnest - 22nd November 2012
Israel has a right to defend itself against attacks by Hamas terrorists - but negotiations to create a Palestinian state must now restart, Charles Tannock MEP told an emergency debate on Gaza in the European Parliament.

EU-Israel Agreements on ACAAs - 24th October 2012
Speaking at a meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels, Charles Tannock MEP led for the British Conservatives in a heated debate on EU-Israel Agreements on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products.

Fighting colonic cancer in the European Union - 19th September 2012
Speaking at a meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels, to highlight the fight against colorectal cancer, Dr Charles Tannock MEP was credited with inspiring a campaign to raise awareness of the issue.

EU Foreign Ministry plan condemned - 19th September 2012
The Conservative foreign affairs spokesman in the European Parliament has condemned proposals to create an EU foreign ministry and defence force.

EP might need to produce its own report on "sham" Ukrainian elections - 20th August 2012
The Conservative Foreign Affairs spokesman in the European Parliament has condemned Ukraine's decision to ban key opposition politicians from forthcoming elections - and branded the move a sham and a disgrace.

Charles Tannock MEP meets Andreas Mavroyiannis - 5th July 2012
London MEP Dr Charles Tannock has welcomed the start of the Cyprus six-month Presidency of the EU at a difficult time economically for the Eurozone and for Cyprus banks.

Addressing the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe - 26th June 2012
Speaking at a one day conference on anti-Semitism in Europe, in Brussels last week, Dr Charles Tannock MEP strongly supported a cross-party group being set up in the European Parliament to combat anti-Semitism.

Time for Russia to be a leader - 12th June 2012
A senior Conservative MEP today called on Russia to show true leadership and lift its Security Council veto blocking United Nations action to counter the bloodshed in Syria.

Tannock: “Move England's Euro fixtures away from Ukraine” - 23rd May 2012
England's football fixtures in the European Championship should be switched to venues in Poland in protest over the Ukraine government's deteriorating record of political persecution, a senior Conservative MEP urged today.

Allegations of Tymoshenko violence 'deeply concerning' - 26th April 2012
News from Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyer that, on the 20th April, she was forcefully and brutally removed from her prison cell and transported to a state hospital against her will, is deeply concerning and requires explanation.

Labour's naive grandstanding on human rights - 18th April 2012
A senior Labour MEP stands accused of grandstanding and political naivety after he turned on Britain and accused the UK of having a "shameful" approach to human rights.

Labour MEPs want to give more powers to EU over human rights - 23rd March 2012
During its current chairmanship of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the UK Government is trying to introduce changes in the activities of the Court. It is felt that too many issues which should be matters of national jurisdiction are being dealt with by the Court.

Charles Tannock MEP hosts exhibition on the Order of Malta - 22nd March 2012
Charles Tannock MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group Foreign Affairs and Human Rights spokesman, this week hosted an exhibition in the European Parliament highlighting the humanitarian work carried out by the Sovereign Order of Malta. Dr Tannock is President of the European Parliament-SOM Friendship Group.

The EU should help Nigeria stamp out religious extremism - 15th March 2012
The rise of attacks on Christian minorities in Nigeria, and the kidnappings by the jihadi group Boko Haram require the EU to take all action it can to support the government in preventing the country from completely destabilising, Charles Tannock MEP and Peter Van Dalen MEP, said today.

EU and Commonwealth must exert pressure on the Maldives - 10th Februry 2012
The EU's diplomatic efforts in the Maldives must be stepped up to bring about early elections and help end the violence and bloodshed since the appointment of a new President under suspicious circumstances, Nirj Deva MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists group development spokesman and Charles Tannock, ECR foreign affairs spokesman, said today.

Tannock: EU's concerted action on Iran addresses a major threat - 23rd January 2012
EU sanctions announced today against Iran were welcomed by Charles Tannock MEP, foreign affairs spokesman for Conservatives in the European Parliament.

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