Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

EU law on chemicals would harm industry

Wandsworth Guardian - March 5th 2004

Conservative MEPs for London are leading the campaign against a damaging proposal for a new EU law on chemicals which is excessive, expensive and unnecessary.

We all recognise the need for proper controls over the use of dangerous chemicals. However, the European Commission's proposal is neither sensible nor an effective way to achieve this.

This law would cost jobs in London and the south-east and damage consumer choice. The hike in extra costs to the chemical industry is estimated at over 4.5billion across Europe.

This could mean thousands of job losses and a bleak future for businesses involved with chemicals production. Consumers would face higher prices and would find the flow of new products, gadgets and fabrics would dry up fast.

The proposal requires testing and re-testing of a vast and excessive number of chemicals. Even ordinary household substances such as salt would have to be tested!

Conservative MEPs for London will continue to oppose this proposal and campaign for a more sensible approach to chemical safety.

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