Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Election alert

Evening Standard - 23 February 2005

IS THERE trouble ahead for Mark Field, Tory MP for the Cities of London and Westminster and low-profile shadow minister for London, who is defending a majority of 4,499?

Field's main opponent is a glamorous Liberal Democrat, Marie-Louise Rossi. So ready for battle is this pro-European defector from the Tories that she has resigned as chief executive of the International Underwriting Association of London to 'focus on her own personal political activities for the forthcoming general election'.

Whether Marie-Louise's burgeoning political career is going down well with her family is another matter. Her father, Sir Hugh Rossi, is the former Tory MP for Hornsey and Wood Green while her sister Marie-Thérèse Rossi works for Eurosceptic MEP Charles Tannock.
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