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MEP pays tribute to Armenian Genocide victims memory
Armenpress - 31st October 2013
Member of the European Parliament and member of “European Friends of Armenia” international NGO Charles Tannock visited Tzitzernakaberd Memorial Complex to pay a tribute to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide initiated by the Ottoman Turkey. The Museum-Institute of the Armenian Genocide informed “Armenpress” about this.

European parliamentary group backs proposed Taiwan-EU economic pact
Focus Taiwan - 24th September 2013
A pro-Taiwan group in the European Parliament signed a joint statement with a Taiwanese business group Monday in Belgium in support of a proposed economic cooperation agreement (ECA) between Taiwan and the European Union.

Issue of human rights in Western Sahara debated at European Parliament
Sahara Press Service - 22nd June 2013
The Rapporteur Mr. Charles Tannock presented Thursday, June 20, his report on the situation of human rights in Western Sahara and the Sahel, to the Committee on Human Rights of the European Parliament, said the Saharawi Minister Delegate for Europe Mr. Mohamed Sidati.

Will Thatcher memories drive Tory voters to Ukip?
Financial Times - 10th April 2013
Tories will not be thinking much about next month’s local elections as they gather in parliament to partake in collective mourning over the death of Margaret Thatcher.

European Parliament supports Palestinian enhanced UN status
European Jewish Press - 22nd November 2012
The European Parliament expressed its support for “Palestine’s bid to become a UN non-member observer" as MEPs consider the move as "an important step in making Palestinian claims more visible, stronger and more effective."

MEPs probe Gibraltar frontier queues
Gibraltar Chronicle - 14th November 2012
Gibraltar’s two Conservative MEPs have tabled a joint question in the European Parliament following last month’s six-hour border queues. Charles Tannock and Ashley Fox described the serious impact that lengthy queues have on Gibraltar’s limited road network.

European Parliament slams Pakistan for ‘grave’ human rights abuse
Pakistan Today - 30th October 2012
The European Parliament has slammed Pakistan for its “grave human rights abuses” and raised concern over the “pathetic condition” of the girl child in the country as it condemned the Taliban attack on teenage rights activist Malala Yousafzai.

MEPs call for peaceful resolution to east China Sea dispute
The Parliament - 25th October 2012
MEPs have welcomed a fresh bid to find a peaceful resolution to a "potentially dangerous" dispute between China and Japan in the east China Sea. Tensions have been rising in recent weeks in the oil-rich waters with the US last week dispatching an aircraft carrier in a show of American power.

Elections without Tymoshenko, Lutsenko are disgrace to Ukrainian government
Kyiv Post - 20th August 2012
European parliamentarian Charles Tannock believes parliamentary elections in Ukraine not involving opposition leaders Yulia Tymoshenko and former interior minister Yuriy Lutsenko are a disgrace to the Ukrainian administration, Yulia Tymoshenko's official website has reported.

MEPs call on Syrian opposition to unite in preparing for post-Assad regime
European Parliament News - 19 June 2012
Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs called on the Syrian opposition to unite and present a common vision for the transition to a post-Assad regime, in a debate with Syrian opposition activists on Tuesday. MEPs also voiced their frustration that the international community is failing to halt the massacres in Syria, but did not agree on the desirability of external military intervention in the country.

Europe’s risky tolerance of tension in the Caucasus
EurActiv - 19 June 2012
Almost unnoticed beyond the specialist foreign policy community, there have been around a dozen heavy incidents of exchanges of sniper fire and artillery shelling between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the last two months.

Ashton told to press for 'limited' military action in Syria
The Parliament - 14th June 2012
Two senior MEPs have demanded "limited" military intervention to stop the "ghastly human tragedy" in Syria. UK deputy Graham Watson told parliament that such action would enjoy the "support of world opinion".

Ukraine faces fresh EU condemnation over Tymoshenko
The Parliament - 28th May 2012
Supporters of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko take part in a rally outside Ukraine's High Specialized Court on Civil and Criminal Cases in Kyiv.

Economic benefits of Euro 2012 ‘swamped’ by eurozone crisis
Public Service Europe - 28 May 2012
Many of the economic benefits for Poland and Ukraine of hosting the Euro 2012 football tournament will be "swamped" by the effect of the eurozone crisis, despite the positive investment in stadia and infrastructure, Capital Economics has said. The London-based think-tank also warned of the damaging effect of negative publicity surrounding the tournament. It comes after a former international footballer urged fans to stay at home because of the risk of racist attacks and amid political tensions between the European Union and Ukraine.

Taiwan steps up campaign to become full WHA member
The Parliament - 23rd May 2012
The EU has been urged to back Taiwan´s campaign to become a full member of the World Health Assembly. Under the long-standing policy, it is official EU policy to back China's claim of sovereignty over its neighbour Taiwan.

Argentina oil company nationalisation 'first big test' for EEAS
Public Service Europe - 19 April 2012
At first sight, the proposal by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's government to seize YPF, the Argentine subsidiary of the Spanish oil company Repsol, seems either politically desperate or a serious error of judgment. But this is far from a laughing matter and it is potentially a test of the European Union's standing in the world. It could be seen as the first major economic challenge faced by Catherine Ashton's European External Action Service - the EU's reworked, re-branded and very expensive diplomatic corps.

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