Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Conservative MEP pledges support for aid for tsunami victims

3rd January 2005

Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman in the European Parliament and Founder of the Friends of India in the European Parliament, Dr Charles Tannock MEP, has today written to the Indian Ambassador to the EU pledging support for the victims of the tsunami disaster.

Dr Tannock expressed his deepest condolences to all those Indian families who have suffered in the recent tragedy and, despite its large size and economic resources, congratulated India on its decision to decline the offer of aid rescue packages from the international community in favour of its more needy neighbours.

Dr Tannock commented:

"We in the European Parliament will be making the case with vigour before European Commissioner Louis Michel for maximum EU aid. We must also ensure in future that the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal in particular have appropriate ocean floor level seismic warning systems in place to prevent such a tragedy ever occurring again."
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