Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Conservative MEPs express outrage at Lib Dem's "civil war" remark

13th July 2005

Baroness Nicholson's comment "highly inflammatory"

BRUSSELS, 13 July 2005 -- Conservative MEPs said a comment by Liberal Democrat MEP Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne that the London bombings amounted to "civil war" were highly inflammatory and unhelpful.

Baroness Nicholson, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee, made the comments following remarks by Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, who had explained to the committee that the London bombers came from his constituency, Yorkshire and the Humber.

Mr McMillan-Scott said:

"These are very unhelpful comments and may well stir up hostility in my constituency and other areas with large Muslim communities.

"The front line in the fight against terrorism is now on our doorsteps. But to suggest that the bombings amount to civil war is deeply regrettable."

Charles Tannock MEP, who represents London, said:

"I was astonished by her comments. They invite confrontation within British society rather than isolating and exposing the radical fundamentalists who carried out this atrocity."
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