Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Sound level of motor vehicles

Delivered in Plenary - 6th February 2013

Mr President

Anyone who has visited my region of London can attest to the fact that the capital city is plagued by noise pollution. My constituents and I would certainly appreciate reduced noise levels in the city, but Londoners also have a love of motor sports and luxury vehicles and many are connected to the UKs substantial auto industry. Ultimately they would not be willing to trade economic growth for slightly quieter streets.

The strict guidelines of Annex 3 force this ultimatum. While it is important to address the issue of environmental noise caused by motor vehicles, we must remember to do so in a pragmatic and balanced way. New regulations regarding the sound level of motor vehicles must be reasonable and have a reasonable impact on the industry.

In these trying economic times we cannot afford to sacrifice jobs or revenue. Any new noise limits introduced must not adversely affect employment or productivity in Britain or its auto industry, or the greater European sector for that matter. So I also support some minimum noise levels being mandatory for electric vehicles to protect the blind and other vulnerable groups, but overall this package is a mixed one.
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