Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

Judicial training - court coordinators

Delivered in Plenary - 7th February 2013

Mr President

Duplication and redundancy is a plague amongst many of our national governments. In an international organisation such as the EU, we must be even more vigilant in avoiding repetition and in streamlining our efforts. Efforts to promote a European judicial standard are already under way in the area of civil law. We have no need now for new programmes to duplicate these efforts. Measures have already been taken to coordinate and simplify cross-border legal issues, and programmes repeating these efforts would be unnecessary and fiscally irresponsible at a time of austerity.

Existing efforts to increase coordination between our respective national courts share the same goals and set a sufficient judicial standard without compromising the national legal traditions of individual Member States. Complete harmonisation is therefore not needed with regard to national judiciaries and in fact would violate national sovereignty.

With regard to the proposed network of court coordinators, the initiative would be redundant in the light of existing programmes and would threaten subsidiarity in the United Kingdom, so my Group and my party did not support this proposal.
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