Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

Nuclear threats and human rights in North Korea

Delivered in Plenary - 13th March 2013

Mr President

North Korea remains one of the most isolated and brutal dictatorships in the world, with a dangerous nuclear programme which risks a regional nuclear arms race. The recent atomic tests and ballistic missile experiments with weaponising its nuclear payload mean that the international community, via the Six Powers, and the EU now, must redouble its efforts to get the DPRK to sign the CTBT and reunify peacefully with the South.

My personal suggestion is that the price for this is to get China fully on board and to ensure its cooperation as it cannot tolerate the idea of US troops on its border by the promise of a complete US demilitarisation of the Korean peninsula and for a united, unified Korea to become a member of the non-aligned movement (NAM). We must remember that Russia is still angry that NATO expanded to East Germany, which it wrongly claimed was promised would not happen, which is why China needs a very strong and huge carrot to abandon its North Korean ally. An NAM, reunited Korea, with even perhaps a transitional government with elements of the DPRK.
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