Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Member States' export credit agencies

Delivered in Plenary - 2 July 2013

Mr President

In 2012-13 British businesses received GBP 4.3 billion worth of support from the UK Government through UK export finance. I am therefore a strong believer that Member Statesí export credit agencies are vital in fostering the domestic export industry and I am wholly supportive of the Commissionís efforts in establishing a framework for the annual reporting of EU Member States on the activities of their ECAs. Furthermore, these efforts are fundamental to increased transparency and comparability across all the Member States.

ECAs are a hugely important instrument for enhancing trade across Europe and internationally. Therefore I commend the reportís desire for increased monitoring of these agencies so as to evaluate, maximise and learn from ongoing ECA projects and exchange experiences. Increasing exports from Britain are a key driver of economic growth and job creation and this is an area which the EU should be focused on and which can bring real, true added value to the table.
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