Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

External aviation policy

Delivered in Plenary - 2 July 2013

Mr President

International aviation by definition crosses borders. Therefore, while I am always cautious in the battle of competing EU and Member State competences, aviation policy is one area where, clearly, a coordinated policy can add value and make logistical sense, and an EU common aviation policy brings tangible economic benefits for all Member States. A common rigorous and strong external aviation policy would help to extend that, particularly by opening up new opportunities for EU airlines internationally.

Given that Heathrow, which is probably the world’s busiest airport globally, lies inside my London constituency, I fully support all initiatives to boost international aviation and to make it more efficient, less noise and air-pollutant and more cost-effective. To this extent I welcome the report’s call to examine the lack of a level playing field across international airports. It is in all our interests for aviation to work better both for businesses, for job creation and for consumers, so I am delighted to support it.
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