Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Corruption in the public and private sectors: the impact on human right

Delivered in Plenary - 8 October 2013

Mr President

I do not believe that any Members of this House could possibly be against the Gomes reportís noble aims of reducing organised crime, corruption and money laundering internationally and their impact on human rights. The way in which this is achieved, however, is less clear.

Social corporate responsibility is of paramount importance, and we must encourage greater transparency internationally, especially in areas where there is the potential for human rights abuses; and indirect financial support to illegitimate and corrupt regimes is clearly undesirable. But the approach set out in this report calls on the Commission to promote international, wide-ranging, binding legislation that goes well beyond what I would deem to be within its mandate. There is even reference to awarding the UN special powers of criminal investigation.

The principles and aims of the report are good ones, which I share. However, the prescriptive means recommended to achieve them means that I must on this occasion abstain, along with my colleagues.
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