Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Competitiveness of enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises

Delivered in Plenary - 21 November 2013

Mr President

In concluding the Creutzmann report, the EU has been able to provide an improved programme to replace the previous competiveness and innovation framework. These reformist proposals currently before us now seek to the give the financial support that is vital to so many SMEs, both in my country and in the rest of Europe. I am also pleased that, as part of the process, the ECR – my Group – has been able to enforce its message of encouraging a reduction in bureaucracy and bringing results to our wider campaign to cut burdensome and unnecessary red tape.

Indeed, this aim will provide one of the five fundamental indicators for the achievement of the programme’s objectives. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 5% ceiling for management expenditure will ensure that the money reaches the businesses that really need it, rather than funding unnecessary and bloated bureaucracy. SMEs contribute hugely to the economy of London, the constituency that I represent, providing millions of jobs. It is with this in mind that I was very welcoming of today’s positive vote and endorsement.
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