Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

Organ harvesting in China

Delivered in Plenary - 12 December 2013

Mr President

For over a decade now China has been accused of operating a heinous state-sponsored programme of non-consenting organ harvesting, particularly against executed Falun Gong detainees of conscience.

Whilst these are extremely serious accusations, it is important to recognise that no definitive evidence has yet been presented to support these outrageous claims. Nevertheless, such a severe potential human rights violation clearly warrants attention, and it is right for the EU to urge the Chinese authorities to fully investigate and to come clean if it is proven.

The EU has no such powers. The ECR is therefore calling on China to increase the accountability and transparency of its rather murky organ transplant system, as well as wanting to see measures taken that would see those responsible, if proven, for any such criminal abuses, prosecuted and punished.

I welcome today’s debate on the subject for highlighting the issue and I hope that the government in China will be prompted to investigate. I hope, too, that it has raised awareness of the desperate plight of the Falun Gong, a group which faces deplorable discrimination within China.
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