Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

Future EU Enlargement

Delivered in Plenary - May 5th 2004

Mr President

As a supporter of enlargement to the whole of Europe, I was deeply disappointed by the statement from President Prodi which gave the green light for eventual Turkish and Balkan countriesí membership but excluded Ukraine permanently. This position in my view contravenes Article 49 of the Treaty, of which he is the guardian, unless of course he regards Ukraine as not being a European country. I hope that the new Commissioners will be more positive in their attitude towards Ukraineís aspirations.

I welcome in particular today Mr Kyprianouís nomination as the Commissioner from Cyprus, a Commonwealth country. I call upon the new Commission to cease to vilify the Greek Cypriot people post-referendum. I too am in favour of ending the isolation of the Turkish-occupied northern community, but, before this happens, surely the handing over of EU aid money - and I call upon Mr Talat in particular - is inappropriate for as long as they are offering sanctuary to wanted fugitives from justice, particularly from the United Kingdom. Can the Commission look into this matter urgently?
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