Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament 1999 - 2019

Hizbollah and al-Manar Television

Delivered in Plenary - July 6th 2005

I would like to thank you for your considered reply and also for the fact that the British Government has belatedly given consideration to banning Hizbollah’s so-called civilian wing, whereas in fact there is no difference between the civilian and the military wing.

Today was a great day for the city that I represent, London, in our winning the Olympic bid for 2012. One of the messages from the Prime Minister in Singapore was that the Olympics will be used as a vehicle for peace and friendship amongst nations, as a way of combating this kind of hatred between peoples.

What more can be done to stop EU Member State registered companies giving advertising revenue to television companies like al-Manar? In addition, what pressure can you bring to bear through the Council on the governments of Egypt and Saudi Arabia to stop them broadcasting to the Arabic-speaking communities resident in EU Member States listening to this hate-filled type of broadcasting?
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